Thursday, April 28, 2005

And by "getting back to work," I meant...

that I turned on the television, after Quinn notified me that they were finally repeating the mini-series of Battlestar Gallactica. This is great, because I've had it at the top of my netflix queue for weeks now but it keeps saying "long wait." If you haven't seen BSG, you're really missing out. Although I call myself a "science geek," I'm not really into most scifi shows, but this one kicks ass. It has great story threads, great editing, great camerawork, even great background music. Highly recommended.

I did manage to finish my federal courts outline, thank goodness. So that's down, and my antitrust outline was done this morning. Now I'm going to put those aside for a few days. Since I skipped nearly every single one of my Wills classes, I'm going to immerse myself in that subject for the next three days, so I can take my pass/fail exam Monday afternoon. (In case you haven't heard, my prof went crazy so she was replaced, and now we're all taking the exam pass/fail, lucky for me.)

I wonder how much I need to know just to pass...


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