Thursday, April 28, 2005

Okay, screw it.

I've been messing around since 1pm, but I said "don't blog, you need to work." Instead I went to the grocery store, called my mom for an hour, and opened all my birthday gifts. Daily Kos was down most of the day again, which is just cruel.

In the mail today I found out that my court date has been moved back to July 6th. Fine, whatever. I'm not backing down, and when I win this case, I'm dedicating a entire webpage to tell the world how much this guy sucks so they don't work with him. The only good thing is that now my finals week will not be dragged down by this man. I have Wills next Monday (my birthday, of course), the court date was supposed to be Wednesday, Antitrust on Friday, Federal Courts the next Monday, and finally Sales on the last Wednesday. A friend of my finishes the same day, and another friend who goes to GWU law said he's going to wait for us outside the building with margs. He damn well better remember the salt. I really have not been drinking for months now, so I'm going to have to take it easy after finals or I'm not going to be a happy camper, ha. Also, Mindy is visiting the day after I'm done, so I have to be lively.

So, I'm going to have to update my reading journal because my grandparents gifted me the two Dan Brown books. I'm the last one in the world to read the Da Vinci Code, so I'm going to have to bump it to the top of my list. New books are always very exciting. I also got a package of Red Vines from Mom - so take that, you twizzler-eating east coast elitists. You can take your plastic licorice, I only eat the good stuff.

Okay, god, I better get back to work. I'm so close to being done with my Federal Courts outline I can smell it.


At 8:01 PM, April 28, 2005, Anonymous Rebecca said...

eww, smelly Federal Courts outlines.. .

and i'm so happy you blogged, this was at least 5 minutes of procrastination for me, even though you already told me all of this stuff in IM. (except about the margaritas... you've got some good friends down there)

At 10:14 PM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

margs are the answer to life. you should start a general blog, to procrastinate more.


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