Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Reason #8903 why I hate my apartment.

In case you don't know, my apartment is on the bottom floor and my window is right on the level with the driveway going down to the parking garage. Often, this means I have to deal with people staring in my apartment if I have my blinds open. Rude, but, what can I do? There are also a few temporary parking spots along the side.

I was sitting at my desk, working on my outline when "C.K.", this girl from my first-year section who lives in my building and is totally fucking crazy, parks outside my window with a few friends. I assume they're coming back from happy hour, because 1) CK wasn't driving her car and 2) they soon showed me they were wasted.

C.K. must have pointed me out because one of the other girls said loudly, "Oh my god that's the blonde girl from our section? I haven't seen her in two years!"

Okay, first, my windows aren't made of cement. I can HEAR through them. Second, "the blonde girl"? I'm also fairly certain they kept talking about me for another minute, but I went to the bathroom because...weird. C.K., funnily enough, kept her head turned away from me in the passenger seat, because I think she was the only one who noticed that I immediately turned to look when they started talking.

So they left and I closed my blinds. They came back a few minutes later and again the girl moronically shouted "Look! She totally did!" Close my blinds, she meant. Morons.


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