Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I got that out of my system.

Sort of. That was the best f-ing amazing race ever.

Anyhow, I just remembered that I used "mere puffery" AGAIN in my exam today! Ha! Of course, while I was going through my notes yesterday, I found out that it was my Sales prof who said it in the first place, so it was appropriate this time at least.

I also discovered that the rest of the Sales class has received their grades already. Wha? Remember, this is the exam I deferred because of my (now postponed) court date last week. Everyone else took the exam sometime last week. When I went into the registrar to pick up my test the lady kind of laughed uncomfortably and said, "Oh right. And you're graduating aren't you?" She was similiary wierd about it when I turned the exam in. I asked if I had to sign anything (you usually do for take-homes) and she said, "I'll sign it for you." Oooookay. Maybe she'll sign off on my debt over in the financial aid office while she's at it. When I got home my friends told me the grades were out. So, now it's all coming together. He went back to the fucking homeland this week and now they're going to have to fax my exam over or something, ha. Maybe he'll give me an A just to get rid of it and get back to his Norweigian tanning.


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