Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Law students are annoying.

As if you all didn't know that already. And it's shit like bar review that brings out the worst of the paranoia. Now, I used to be one of those people. My woodshop (yes, woodshop) teacher told me in seventh grade that if I didn't chill out I was going to have an ucler by age twenty. But I definitely met my match at law school, ten-fold, and I've come to realize how idoitic it is to worry about every single fucking detail in life. For instance, I had no idea what classroom I was going to, but it turns out there was a big sign right when you walk in the building. See? Problem solved. So anyway, I got there a little early today, and there were a few people sitting around me, in particular, one girl to my right in the row in front of me, and one to my right in the row behind me.

I started to rifle through the packet they gave us, but I quickly realized they were going to go through it ad nauseum during class, so I stopped wasting precious daydreaming minutes and promptly put on my iPod and stared out the window. (Btw, they actually gave us dogtags, so if I suddenly die during Torts review, they'll be able to identify my body.) The girl in front is kind of frantically going through all the material and examining every day on the paced schedule. Finally she turns around and, not realizing my iPod means "Don't talk to me," asks me something unintelligible about the paced schedule. I couldn't understand her english so I laughed and said, "Me either! I'm sure they'll explain it during class," and put my earphones back on.

A few minutes later, apparently the girl behind me asked me an entire question, not realizing I couldn't hear her, but I turned around to investigate the mumbling. She apologized, then held out the paced schedule and pointed to the top where it says "New York/Washington DC" (because we're on the same video schedule) and asks, "Why does it say New York, this is the California class right? Is that a typo?" Sigh. I tell her. Then she points to the bottom where the days are blocked off for the bar exam and says anxiously, "But these dates are a typo, right??" I tried really hard not to roll my eyes, but then I looked more closely and the dates are actually typed wrong. Now you've got to ask yourself, who the fuck cares? You know what day the bar exam is, they're not trying to trick you into missing two days of the bar (oh, that's why the pass rate is so low!) - now chill the hell out already.

Unintelligble girl in front asks me another question, which I still don't understand, so I do the exact same thing (and why don't I have more friends again?), because c'mon, is it so important that you have to ask a total stranger now instead of waiting the three more minutes until class starts? Is the world going to end? You might in fact have evidence the world will end if you don't know the answer right now....but I doubt it. Finally someone sat next to her, so I was off the hook for the 15 more questions she had during the lecture. Even funnier was during the three times on the video where the prof said "and tomorrow when we start torts..." because our class is actually scheduled to do contracts tomorrow. It's on the paced schedule, it was on all the emails, but people freaked out every single time. You could suddenly hear paper rustling and people nudging their neighbors and you know someone was just dying to ask what was going on, but resisted only because they wagered the video screen wouldn't answer.

Also, our bar/bri reps look about twelve years old. And I did meet one nice girl on the way back to the metro, so that's about par for the course, fifty people I hate and one who's actually fairly normal.


At 11:02 PM, May 31, 2005, Blogger Roonie said...

I'm the admin for my course in Ann Arbor. They probably all think I'm on crack.

Btw, you're pretty funny.

At 2:32 AM, June 01, 2005, Blogger Chai said...

that was a hilarious entry!!
totally with on the psycho law students bit...really, really weird. you have to ask yourself, "WHY!!??!?!?" And, "Am I like THIS?"


rock on sister....


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