Friday, May 27, 2005

Maybe machines just hate me.

I was halfway through depositing my graduation money at the ATM this afternoon when the whole machine froze. I freaked out thinking it ate my card and that I was going to be forced to have a hissy fit on Connecticut Avenue, but after a few minutes of pushing all the buttons over and over it spit it back out and the screen changed to a big "Closed" sign. Sigh.

Next I went into the grocery store, picked up all my fruits and veggies (and oreos, for a balanced diet) and got into the line where the grocer told me, "Sorry, our credit/debit machines are down." Of course they are! Luckily my mom and grandma got satisfaction out of padding my wallet last weekend, so the kiwis weren't getting out of that one so easily.

As I was walking back past the ATM, the closed screen was gone and it was in the middle of eating some other guy's card. So I guess it's not just me. As I watched, the machine started to change into this:
Robots rebel

Which reminds me, have you noticed that the plot of every other movie these days is "Man creates robots, Robots turn on man"? I just saw a preview for another one last night. Maybe they're a little too true. One day soon we'll be hiding in the sewers from our Roombas.


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