Monday, May 23, 2005

Meet your new lawyer.

It's me! I finally graduated, in a ceremony appropriate for the experience I had at AU. It was long, disorganized (they even forgot a few names and had to add them at the end - classy), and involved distinguished speakers who were hellishly boring. Also, our gowns were hideous. I'll post a picture later. It wasn't completely terrible, and the aura of the end of school was enough to make it a welcoming experience. Plus, I didn't trip on stage. Anyway, I've been awol the past few days because my family is staying until Wednesday. We spent the whole day at Arlington Cemetary today, which was a really moving experience. But we didn't realize we'd be there so long and ended up eating nothing until 5pm. My grandma is a serious trooper, we must have walked miles. Right now I have a pounding headache and the season finale of Medium is on, so I'm going to go lie down.


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