Saturday, May 14, 2005

Most recent Google searches that brought up my blog:

"federal courts outline"
"moldy twinkies"

To the person who was searching for a federal courts outline, you must have been really desparate to click on my site. But you should have asked, I would have given you my kick-ass outline. I mean, sure, it was missing that removal statute that we only covered one day with a handout, a handout I miraculously had with me since it was the basis for an entire question of the exam. Sigh. And, um, it didn't have enough information on 28 USC 1983, so I did a little 'learning during the exam' with Chemerinsky. Alright, my outline kind of sucked, but it was totally in "Garamond" font, which is quite pretty.

And "moldy twinkies"? I feel like a proud mother.

Daryl Hammond is playing a cruel corporate boss in the rerun of L&O that's on right now. I'm having trouble buying it. This one is Criminal Intent, which my mother is partial to because she loves Vincent D'Onofrio's character and his tricky mindgames. But, "exhaustion"? Please. Vince, you and Mariah Carey and Dave Chappelle are at the top of my prayers. No, really, you poor - I mean loaded - famous people just having to work so hard. It makes you want to lose faith in puppies and chubby babies. Or something. Anyway, I'm more of a Jack McCoy/Lenny Briscoe fan myself. "Your Honor, this is an outrage!" "Sit down, Mr. McCoy!"

I had trouble watching SVU at first with all the rapes and incest and other gross sexual plotlines that make me never want to meet the writers, but since there are a few hours everyday when TNT plays some crap like Charmed instead of The Original, I eventually got used to Mariska and Co. on the USA network to get my fix, though the blonde DA still annoys the crap out of me. Of course they don't focus on the courtroom in any of the spin-offs, which is probably why I don't like them as much. Except Trial by Jury, but who wants to watch Lilith bring the hammer down?


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