Wednesday, June 01, 2005

eBay is not good for my heart

I find bidding on eBay to be an unusually stressful experience. I almost always use the "buy this now" feature if it's a reasonable price, even though it's probably a few more dollars than I'd pay if I bid with everyone else.

I just tried bidding on a bar review cd and I was winning for the last five minutes, which is when the stress kicks in because I have to sit there and refresh the page every 30 seconds so I'll have enough time to bid-up if I have to. The very last minute arrives and I'm hitting refresh over and over. At literally ONE second left to go I'm winning, so I hit refresh one last time: "You have been outbid!" By 50 cents. Fuck that. Forget law school, it's eBay that will finally give me that ulcer.


At 1:54 AM, June 02, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

Beware, E-Bay is seriously addictive. Symptoms including checking your status every 5 minutes or so, constant restlessness, and extreme mood swings (depending if you are winning or losing the bid). Similar effect as gambling.

At 1:03 PM, June 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, I have to apologize if it was me who did that to you at some point. However, as an act of contrition, I will share with you the secret of eBay, and also the bane of your eBay woes. What you do is go here :

You sign up with your eBay account and when you find something you like on eBay, you put the item number into Auction Sniper. Then you type in the highest amount that you would be willing to pay. Then AucSnip sits and waits - if you get outbid, it will email you, if not it will put in your bid a second before the auction closes and 99% of the time, you win (because the uninformed masses have to sit there refreshing the page until they lose while the enlightened sit downstairs sipping a margarita and still triumph). If more than one AucSnip person bids on the same item, the one who bid higher will win it.

The first 5 or so are free and then it's some tiny percentage of the buy after that. It is the best thing for an eBay buyer ever.

At 5:40 PM, June 02, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

shell - ebay is a lot like gambling, which is why you'll never see me at the black-jack table or pulling slots. buying my cell phone last year was one of the worst experiences ever.

anon - that must have been what happened to me last night! the only function i knew about is the other "max bid" one, where you put the highest you're willing to bid, except this one bids immediately for you. i seriously think those things are rigged. when i was bidding for the cell phone i mentioned above it was at like $60, so i bid up $2 and put a max bid at $75. it shot up to $75 immediately because some new person suddenly joined the game to shoot me up, then stopped when i hit $75, and never bid again. wtf? someone was totally playing me.


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