Sunday, June 12, 2005


What's the difference between Diet Coke with Splenda and Coca-Cola Zero? I haven't had Zero yet, but I'm drinking DC-splenda right now and it's not half-bad. It doesn't taste the same as regular DC and if you've been using splenda in your coffee, you'll be able to taste the splenda in the DC. In my morning mug I'm a big fan of splenda over sweet & low, which tastes like chemicals, but I think it's a draw with aspartame in the bubbly stuff. Either way, I'm sure it'll give me cancer in thirty years.

The high is going to be in the 90's all week and while I'm glad it's sunny, it's too bad that it's life-threatening to actually be outside and enjoy it for any length of time. I just went to the store for burrito fixin's for tonight's dinner and usually the streets are packed on a Sunday afternoon, but there were very few bodies out and about today. Except for Coldstone, which had a line out the door and 3 million people trying to squeeze underneath the overhang for shade. I saw a girl daring to walk around with her Coldstone bowl on the sunny side of the street, and her boyfriend was at her feet with napkins because the ice cream was now fully liquified and had dribbled completely over her hand and onto the rest of her body. Listen people, God means it when he cranks up the thermostat, you can't go around defying him by bringing cold products outside like that. Mmmm, now I want Coldstone's....


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