Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Representative from California has the floor...

I am deeply in love with the new Green Day album. Though I guess it's not all that new anymore. Everytime I hear "Holiday" on the radio I holla back "amen!" I mean, he asked, right? On the other hand, System of a Down makes me want to pound my head against the wall repeatedly to make the screeching stop. Why must they continue to abuse the airwaves with their vitriolic noise?

Thanks for all your well-wishes guys. I've decided to go to the courthouse anyway next week, to protect my interests if the worst should happen. It would suck to have gone all this way and then lose because of something stupid. Also, if the lawyer isn't planning on sending me the settlement papers until the judge approves, I can get them from her that day. And I can tell her to warn her client (who probably won't be there) that if he stops payment on the check - which would totally not surprise me - that I'll file again so fast his head will spin. And this time all I'll need is the settlement doc with his signature on it.


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