Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tip tip, hooray!

I rewarded myself for staying at school and getting my con law turn-in essay done by getting a fantastic pair of pants at the gap sale and some coldstone's on the way home. Now I feel like I'm going to have a coronary. I am, actually, quite amazed that coldstone's has been in the neighborhood for over a year now and this was only my second trip, because I am an ice cream freak.

I think I avoid it because of the horror show of perky, loud employees and hot, sweaty customers with small, hyper infants. The store is always ridiculously packed, so you have to stand there smelling the sickeningly sweet ice cream/butterfinger/cookie dough/caramel sauce/whipped cream and it kind of makes you lose your appetite. Even worse, the workers sing and yell cheers everytime someone leaves a tip or, I don't know, drops a spoon or something. It's irratating and puts unnecessary pressure on the customer to leave a tip, because the guy watches you after he gives you back your change, to see if he has to cheer ("tip tip, horray! tip tip, horray!"). Not to mention it's a bit of a hack job, because the guy gave me 4.24 in change, except he gave me 3 dollar bills and 1.24 in coins, I'm sure because most people just dump their change in the jar while the freakishly happy employees stare at them, just so they feel like assholes if they choose to throw it in their pockets instead.

Sorry, I know they're scooping their little hearts out, but I don't leave tips for people who pass me something over a counter, especially if they're going to pressure me into it. I'm sure they actually get paid federal minimum wage, if not more, unlike real waiters. I prefer, instead, to skulk to the 7-11 in the middle of the night for some chubby hubby, just me and the hobos picking up a beef taquito out of the heat rollers. No singing, no lines, no pressured tipping, hey, not even any English most of the time!

Oh christ, the runaway bride is going to be on dateline. Please people, stop encouraging her.


At 10:59 PM, June 16, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

I avoid the ice cream parlor by buying my own tub of ice cream, nuts, and instant-freeze chocolate topping. I can eat as much or as little as I want, and I don't need to wait in line.

Now if only there's some type of auto-scooper out there...

At 11:19 PM, June 16, 2005, Blogger stag said...

I've never heard the Coldstone people cheer. I've only been once, but I remember the employees at the Brentwood location weren't happy that I was interrupting their conversation and that I expected them to scoop ice cream for me.

At 12:43 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Roonie said...

I really feel refreshed when I can read about normal life that goes on outside studying for the bar. I'm getting tired of my own blog because all it talks about is LAW, blah!

At 12:52 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

stag - maybe there is just some crazy manager at this one. i seem to remember going into my local one in cali as a teenager without anyone cheering at me.

also, just so you guys don't think i'm some cheap asshole, i always tip 20% at restaurants, because waiters get paid $2/hr and the job sucks beyond measure, and if i were actually wealthy, i'd probably tip the ice-cream scoopers, too (as long as they didn't sing). but, that's not the case, and i totally need those dimes for a diet coke during bar/bri tomorrow. :)

At 12:57 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger maisnon said...

Signs that will ENSURE that I won't tip you:

Tip-ping is not just a city in China
This may have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek had it been in a Chinese take-away place, but in a bagel joint? Not so much.

Thanks a-latte
Again, context - in a coffeeshop, that may earn a smirk and some change, but in a burrito shop, I just think, "Wow, they did NOT get the concept."

At 1:58 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Roonie said...

Why do I feel like I'm the only one awake?

At 1:58 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Roonie said...

Why do I feel like I'm the only one awake?

At 3:59 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger Snubligent said...

fayza, i keep the most bizarre hours out of anyone i know. you are not the only one awake.

heather... I really liked this post. I like tipping waitstaff/barbers/pizza guys, i used to be a pizza guy... getting stiffed sucks. but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

At 7:48 AM, June 17, 2005, Anonymous Rebecca said...

Heather, its definitely not just your location. They do it at mine, except they don't have nearly as much energy and I feel a little bit sorry for them. Sometimes they don't stop singing for the entire time I'm in there because some jackass puts his tip in the jar a quarter at a time.

Of course, if they're singing it means they're getting paid so I guess I don't feel that bad.

At 4:50 PM, June 17, 2005, Blogger CM said...

I wonder what the net effect of the singing is. I bet they break even -- half the people tip more because they want to hear the singing, half the people don't tip at all to avoid the singing. (I'm in your half.)


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