Thursday, June 30, 2005

When was the last time you were in Cambodia?

I just got an email from a friend of mine. I hope she doesn't mind if I quote, in part:

"I also spent some time in a Mynamar refugee camp along the Northern Thai-Mynamar border."
"I took a picture and ran. I'm a big chicken when it comes to armed conflict."
"The next day we rode elephants through the jungle for about two hours."
"I have survived my first bought with tropical illness."
"My guide was a former Burmese child soldier. He had been kidnapped when he was 14 and ran away from the army to join his family in Thailand when he was 17. He hid for 15 days in the jungle. After he told us his story the groups' whining stopped, mostly."


At 5:44 PM, July 01, 2005, Anonymous Rebecca said...

yeah i know.... i am insanely jealous, but i know she is way more adventurous than me and i will probably never go to thailand or cambodia or anywhere interesting.

alaska. i'm going to alaska. yay!


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