Saturday, June 11, 2005

You just can't get good service anymore.

So I was wondering what witty story I was going to blog about today, when I came home from my run to find a "final notice" from my cable company. Perfect!

I keep my budget on an excel spreadsheet and I grey-out each 'bill' box as I pay it, and towards the end of May I realized I still hadn't paid my cable bill, which is one of the only bills I pay through snail mail. I thought maybe I'd paid it and forgot, because I couldn't find a bill lying around anywhere. It wasn't until last week as I was going through my mail and this envelope caught my eye, that I remembered my cable company was changing their name this summer. The logo and the colors are completely different, and I realized last month's bill probably went straight into the junk mail shredder, with the "0% for 12 months!" and "Consolidate your credit cards now!" ads. They wanted May and June paid immediately, which was fine, so I wrote out the check and put it in the mail the same day.

Then today I get this letter from them telling me they're going to turn of my phone and cable in six days if I don't pay last months bill post haste. Well, first of all, I think that's a bit harsh, considering:
1. I was barely two weeks late for my May bill.
2. I'm positive I'm not the only one who missed the May bill. The only reason I stopped on June's was that I vaguely remembered some commercials on TV about a name change "sometime this summer," and May is spring, not summer. Plus, it's not like they emailed or called me.
3. They have already cashed my check. In fact, they cashed it last Tuesday, but didn't mail out this 'final notice' until Thursday.

To be honest, I think it's pretty harsh even if I hadn't paid cause I was out of money or something. I mean, they're going to turn off my phone line after I'm three weeks late with the bill? Isn't the standard usually three bill periods?

Anyway, my second 'service' story today comes to you from CVS. I have a couple of Trader Joe's canvas bags I bring shopping so I don't end up with 8 zillion plastic bags in my house. But these bags seem to utterly confuse most clerks. Today I gave the bag to the guy who flattened it out, then picked it up, held it out, turned it around, then turned it upside down, until finally I asked, "Um, is there a problem?" Then it dawned on him I wanted him to put things in it. So weird. I mean, none of the stores around here sell these bags, plus they gave huge "Trader Joe's" logos on both sides. Maybe in the land of Hummers and $10 martinis, someone is surprised I'd actually think to conserve. Maybe.


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