Sunday, July 24, 2005

Brain food.

Some of my stress has been relived after I finally decided what I'm going to do for breakfast/lunch during the bar. I'm going to do the cooler thing and bring a huge bowl of the salad of victory with me. Along with some snacks: hummus & pita, pistachios, pluots (plum/apricot hybrids I got at the farmer's market this morning), and some blueberry muffins for breakfast. I think that's filling, but healthy food that I can eat before each test section, that won't weigh me down or result in total starvation towards the end of hour three.

So, I think I'm all set. My mom grilled me on what I was wearing and what I was bringing into the exam with me. I brought my super-special pens with me from DC (you may have seen their ancestors in pictures), but I think I'll stop by Sav-on and get some more, just in case my four run out. I did 7 mini-reviews and PT review today, and I'm feeling good. Seven mini-reviews tomorrow and a set of MBE problems, and the books get closed forever. Mini-reviews really help pull it all together for me; no more studying minutia. My poor mother had to listen to me recite my entire contracts outline from memory at dinner, then civil procedure, then community property. Saying it outloud helps me remember, and I'm tired of talking to myself. There's going to be a ton I forget (did I mention? I have the Worst. Memory. Ever.), but I'm letting it go.

I'm zen. I'm cool. I'm breathing deep, and ready to take this damn thing.


At 9:02 AM, July 24, 2005, Blogger Kelly said...

Sounds like a good plan. I have the worst. memory. ever. as well, so I can relate to your worry in that regard. I keep going over what's in my head right now and hoping maybe I can push a little more in.

Your food plan sounds great. When we took the practice MBE good old PB&J on whole wheat kept me going really well.

The salad looks amazing! Do you put anything on it? I might add a little fat as well, in the form of crumbled goat cheese or feta. Mmmmm....feta...

At 10:13 AM, July 24, 2005, Blogger G. said...

Sounds like a great plan!~!!!

At 10:21 AM, July 24, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

Pluots? Picture next time?
Fantastic idea about mini-reviews. I'm as forgetful as they make me...Where was I again?

Ah yes. I'm wondering if taking the Bar is like having a baby. By the end of the term you're feeling like "My brain/belly has hit the max capacity. Now let's get it over with already!!!"

At 12:05 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

kelly - i only put deli turkey and balsamic vinegrette on it, but my one of my friends puts fresh mozzerella in it. i'm not a salad person and usually need fat in everything, but it's surprisingly filling without it.

shell - pluots are bigger than both apricots and plums, surprisingly, and look like a mauve cheetah on the outside. so good. and someone recently posted a whole thing comparing studying for the bar to being pregnant - either gg or roonie, I can't remember, but it's a near perfect analogy.

At 1:44 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger Chai said...

Dude, I have the worst.memory.ever. i just reviewed the 100000000 flashcards I have made and um, yeah, i was just bullshiting it. i love faking this shit.

and then when i took a shower today, i was trying to go over wills (remember, never took it). and i remember DRR but don't remember what the hell it stood for. whatever dude.

c'est la fucking vie.

i have the same cooler set up (minus the blueberry muffins and homemade salad). Going to traders tonight.

At 6:11 PM, July 24, 2005, Anonymous Rebecca said...

omg, i haven't planned what i'm going to wear yet! mental state is definitely waning, because this also made me cry. what the hell...

At 6:54 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger jm said...

Rebecca - I think we're all crying (or maybe it's just you and me!), but if you need a laugh please refer to the comments here:

At 8:06 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger cg-c said...

You sound like you've got it All. Under. Control. Way to go, you!

I wish I could be in such a controled state of mind!

And the pluots sound lovely!

At 8:16 PM, July 24, 2005, Anonymous Rebecca said...

jm - glad to know i'm not alone, and the jokes do help :) thanks!

At 9:29 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger jm said...

To quote my favorite from today, It's drivin' me nuts!

Hardy har har har. Heather, you rock!

At 11:11 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger cg-c said...

To answer your question, Heather, I'm not at Ontario this time. I got assigned down to San Diego. Where is your hotel at? If you have to drive to the convention center, DON'T pay to park there - there's bunch of hotels around there and you can park in the lots for free - and on the street behind the convention center.

I wish I'd found YOUR blog earlier! I jumped in with the cool kids a bit late, but am *so* glad I did when I did. You rock! GOOD LUCK! Remember: WE'RE ALL SUPAH-STAHS!

At 11:56 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger jm said...

Paying it forward, since you won't have an internet connection tomorrow:

A pirate walks into a bar.

The bartender says, "Hey, do you know you have a steering wheel down your pants?"

The pirate says, "ARRRG, and it's drivin' me nuts!"



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