Sunday, August 14, 2005

At least I won't be homeless.

We found an apartment! It's a block from the U St metro (green line - what!) and right at the beginning of the U Street corridor. Oh, and by "apartment," I actually mean "house." Nice neighborhood, quite nice on the inside, and nice rent. The landlady's not even going to charge us pro-rata if we move in the week before September.

So I guess I better go get some boxes. Can any of you recommend a good, cheap moving company? We'll do it ourselves if it's too expensive, but it would be such a relief not to have to haul my bed and everything myself.

Speaking of money, I'm really going to need one of know...JOBS pretty soon. If you guys have any info on contract lawyering and who I should contact to get started, I'd be happy to hear anything you might know.


At 8:04 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger stag said...

Congrats! One of the big companies charged me about $300-400 for packing and loading (that's not counting the transporting). You could also look into hiring contract labor (not necessarily "movers") for a few hours just to move your stuff around.

At 8:18 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger cg-c said...

Movers: check if there's "Starving Students" - one of my friends used them and they were excellent, and a lot cheaper than the big guys.

Job: I've been hounding a legal temp agency to no avail, and somebody just suggested to me that I call attorneys in my area and see if they need any contract work done.

So starting tomorrow or Tuesday, I'm going to be making some calls. And I really hate doing this cold-call sort of thing, but I need some money, too.

At 5:01 PM, August 15, 2005, Blogger shell said...

How does it work - if you haven't received the result from the Bar Exam, are you still allowed to practice?

For contract jobs, have you tried looking up, or the Usually they have som good tips regarding different types of practices too.

Did you have a mentor back in LS? Profs you liked? Or maybe someone from good old student association(s)? I think your best bets are finding a job via networking. If you could call your alumni association and find out if there's any alumnus around your new city, it might help you to get a better idea of the local legal-scape.


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