Friday, August 12, 2005


I decided to call Apple. Why? I don't know, I'm a masochist?

I told the guy my problem, how I couldn't transfer over my archived files because for some reason my hard drive is almost full.

Green Shirt: "Well that 'previous user' file is pretty big."
Me: "It's only 22G, but my hard drive is saying it's got 43G on it."
GS: "Yeah, well, I don't know what else you have on your computer."
Me: "I told you, I picked it up at the store yesterday. The only other thing on it is an empty OS, which shouldn't be taking up over 20 gigs."
GS: "Well, yeah, the operating system wouldn't be taking up that much room."
Me: "I know!"
GS: "You have to go into the 'previous user' file and delete what you don't need."
Me: "Then what was the point of them taking five hours to copy it all over yesterday?"
GS: Answer non-responsive.
Me: "Well should I just reformat and copy it off my external drive, to get rid of that mysterious 20 gigs?"
GS: "Yeah, whatever, that will work, too."

Unlike most Apple reps, this guy was actually pretty dismissive. What a bunch of fucking tools. I've been wanting to learn Linux since high school. Maybe for my next computer I'll just get a Viao and use that instead.

I used to be a hard-core Mac convert. No more. The awesome operating system is NOT WORTH THIS.



At 4:51 PM, August 12, 2005, Blogger cg-c said...

OMG. That kind of experience would put me over the edge.

I have to say, the Geek Squad at best buy saved my life this summer. They are some of the nicest computer help people I've ever encountered.

At 1:33 PM, August 13, 2005, Blogger G. said...

I think the only possible answer is that Apple has become overwhelmed with people seeking help for their malfunctioning iPods and has desperately needed to hire a bunch of people to staff the "Genius Bar" and tech support phones ASAP. And since there aren't that many techies available for work, they went down to the local homeless shelter and offered free smack to anyone who could start that day.


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