Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quotes from the fair.

Mom and I went to the Ventura County Fair today. So right now I'm disgustingly full of sugar and greasy goodness. Here's a variety of quotes from the day:

Carnie: "Hey ladies! Where ya been all night? BUUURRRRRRP!!"

Salsa-maker Salesman: "Ever tried one of these?"
Mom: "Yeah, actually I have two."
SMS: "Oh, what did you do with the other one?"
Mom: "Well, I gave it to her." (points to me)
SMS: (looks at me) "Ohh, I would have given her one, too."

That's all I can think of right now. You know what I did, though? I took lots of pictures!! I have some awesome rooster close-ups and photos of crazy vegetables. My web page is never going to load once I get to DC and post everything from the last three weeks.

Want another old family photo?
Grandpa in a jet plane circa 1945
My grandpa was a jet airplane mechanic in WWII and then did the same for Raytheon after the war. He's the reason this plane got off the ground!
Grandparents circa 1943
Here are my grandparents at the beginning of the war. I just found out last night that they got married in Texas because grandpa was stationed there for awhile. I never knew that! Another reason for the journals (which I bought today). Anyway, aren't they adorable??


At 4:05 AM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Eve said...

I love how in old-timey photos, no one is ever ugly. I mean, you know there must have been ugly people back then, the same way there are now... but everyone always looks so beautiful/handsome in those old photos. Your grandparents are no exception - a very good-looking couple!!

At 12:14 PM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Chai said...

oh yeah, getting hit on by a salesperson. =)

your pictures make me crave for my grandparents. i really wish i grew up with them. they are in india and i speak to them whenever i come home, but its just not the same, you know? anyway, consider yourself a very lucky woman. knowing your history is half the battle in understanding yourself, right?

At 2:56 PM, August 09, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

eve - i've been thinking the same thing! i look at pictures of my sister and i as kids and teenagers and we almost always look terrible, ha.

chai - believe me, i know how lucky i am. going through these photos has reminded me what a great childhood i had. rich in family, as they say.


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