Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Slow week.

I know I haven't been writing much lately, but it's a bit like chaos around here. I still have boxes I need to unpack, especially since I need to buy a wardrobe and bookcase before I can unload the rest of it, and my desk is an absolute wreck. So my laptop has been drifting around the floor for the past few days and it's difficult for me to sit on my low-rider bed (no boxsprings!) and write anything.

The house needs a bit of work. We still don't have blinds on our bedroom windows or a toilet paper holder, but the parts are all here so C is going to do those himself instead of waiting for the landlord. I'd really like to be able to change in my room without all the neighbors watching, so that will be nice. There's also a problem with our bathroom mirror; the medicine cabinet is slightly tilted, so you have to press your body up against the wall to see yourself, and that makes blow drying my hair extremely difficult. We're either going to get another mirror for the other wall, or rip out the medicine cabinet and place a bigger mirror over the hole. Oh, and we need shelves, lots and lots of shelves, all over the place.

The major problem that has been plauging me, almost literally, is some mystery bug or bugs that eat the shit of me at night. I wake up with huge gross bites all over my legs and arms everyday. I've seen some millipedes around the house, so that's....nasty. We're going to get some Raid, and I'm sure buying some new boxsprings to get my mattress off the floor will help.

I just went through the box where I keep my letters, which was so cool. It's so nostalgic to see the stages of my life through the cards, notes, and letters people have sent me. It also made me realize I should sit down and write a few myself. I've never been very good at keeping in contact with my friends, and I think sometimes I wrongly assume that they'll always be there and so I'll just talk to them later. But that's not what letters are for, really. They make people feel loved and thought of, and my friends deserve to know that I think of them.

Anyway, updates will probably be sparse for the next week, until I start work next Wednesday. Other than that, I'll just say that there has been a lot of sex in the new house this week, and I've gotten none of it. Sigh.


At 9:13 AM, September 02, 2005, Blogger Chai said...

girlfriend, i'm in the same sitch regarding moving and no sex. =)

i'm waiting for the movers as we speak and i want to thank you for sending your research my way. it helped SO much.

i went with Giant Moving Co (the assholes that woke you up at 8A) because they *seem* reliable, but $15 more expensive than Starving Students. However, after reading what you went through, i thought i would cross them off your original--my adopted--list.

i wish there was a target in DC.


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