Monday, August 08, 2005

Where has your family been? And what have they done?

I posed the journal idea to my grandma the other day, asking if she would consider writing down the things she remembers from her life, and anything she remembers about her parents and other family members who have already passed. She's incredibly modest, so, just like I predicted, she first responded by claiming she had no stories to tell, but we were able to convince her otherwise when she remembered there were a lot of things she regretted not asking her parents about. She asked me if I wrote anything down. I've tried keep journals, but, like this blog, it's mostly day to day stuff, which is not exactly something I can pass on. So my mom and I are going to pick up a bunch of journals, one each for my grandpa, grandma, mom, my sister (who's in Kosovo in the Army) and me.

My grandpa takes a variety of prescription drugs, and it seems that one of them is giving him alzhemiers-like memory loss (he went off it once and the symptoms went away...we were worried he really had alzhemiers for awhile). My grandma told us that the day after we had the video-night fiasco, he had completely forgotten about the entire evening. I have to wonder if whatever the drug is doing is worth the diminishment in his quality of life. My mom wonders the same thing, so she's been trying to get him to talk to the doctor more about it. Anyway, the point is that we think the journal-writing might actually be a good exercise for him. He loves to tell his stories, and apparently he still handwrites letters to his friends and family on the east coast (my family is from the Boston-area originally).

Today I hauled through all my grandma's photos. What an insane project. I filled our entire dining table and the card table we set up next to it. I've finally got them all organized by year. This evening, my mom scanned a bunch of the real old ones - my grandma as a baby, etc, and I started putting the originals in an album. My grandma came over for awhile and helped us identify some of the people/years, which turned into an "oh my god, look at this one! haha!" fest. Want a small taste?

Here's my grandma around age two:
Grandma in 1924
And this is my grandpa, with my oldest aunt:
Grandpa in 1948

Nice! It's really been a blast going through them all. Maybe I'll post some baby-heather photos next time. ;)


At 10:23 AM, August 08, 2005, Anonymous shell said...

Family PIX! OMG I love them!
I'm craving for more, please? Esp the black & white ones. It's no wonder ppl like to buy "antique" pix of strangers they don't even know. There's something so appealing about them.

P.S. Your grandpa was a handsome young lad. Hehe.. *winks* and you can tell him that for me too.

At 7:25 PM, August 08, 2005, Anonymous eve said...

Wow, that is so neat. What a great project you are undertaking. It is truly a gift you give to your family that they will enjoy and appreciate for so many generations.


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