Sunday, September 11, 2005

Overheard in Mackey's bathroom:

"She got pink-eye from her cat."

I know I sort of fell of the face of the blogging world recently. Like I predicted, the fact that I have a big house to romp around in, meaning lots of time in a room where my computer is not, means I've been slowly detaching myself from it's wirey hooks. We still haven't gotten our DSL modem, and the wireless we're stealing is pretty weak. I got a call the other day from the UPS man who was supposed to be delivering our modem:

UPS Man: "Hey, I'm knocking downstairs."
Me: "Oh sorry! I'll be right down."

Then, stupidly, I hang up. Why was it stupid? Because no one was at the door, nor was there any UPS truck anywhere on the block. We tried to *69 him but got no answer, so now some stranger has our modem. We're going to give Verizon a call Monday. Again. Right after we call Waste Management, because they still haven't brought us our trash and recycle bins after two weeks, and our backyard is starting to become our own personal landfill.

I spent yesterday pulling all the weeds from the backyard, in preparation to cover the ground with stones. It's not really a "yard," so much as a strip of land, and we want some place to put chairs and possibly an hibachi. Our friends are hounding us for a housewarming party, so we must comply.

C had his tonsils out on Thursday, which went well, and his mom was staying with us until this morning. So, it's really been just two weeks of madness around here, with unpacking, furniture assembling, weddings, surgeries, and complications with every household service known to man. We're in the decorating stage, but we just destroyed part of our dining room wall trying to put up shelves. We may have a big drywall/spackling project ahead of us. There are a lot of little things we need - a U-lock for the front fence, some screw sleves for the rest of the shelves...etc. But we're very close to done.

Work BLOWS, but I expected it to, and I won't be going into very much detail. Aside from the whole confidentiality thing, I get the impression it doesn't take a lot to get yourself fired from this kind of thing. I'll try to get back on blogging schedule, but no promises.


At 5:51 PM, September 11, 2005, Blogger G. said...

Don't forget to get one of these for your front yard:



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