Sunday, October 09, 2005

The adventures with CalBar never end...

When I moved a little over a month ago I sent, as required, a notice to CalBar with my new address. I promptly received it back, rejected, with a request that I send proof of identification along with it. Alright, whatever. So I make a copy of my driver's license and send it back, to the exact same address and to the same woman who's been assigned to my case since April.

I received my own letter back this time, with her name crossed out and a note written beside it in blue ink that said, "Not at this address." What. The. Fuck. Did the entire office move to a new location? Did she switch cubicles with the office bitch who's now returning all her mail unopened instead of throwing it over the particle board divider? And if she did actually move somewhere else, should she not have sent me a change of address notice (with proof of identification)?

You know what this means now right? I have to call and speak to someone at CalBar.



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