Saturday, October 15, 2005


A few of my friends came over and fucked up my perfect schedule for today, so now I have some downtime. It's picture time!

Remember, this is what the backyard looked like in the beginning:
In the beginning...

Then I weeded, which turns out to be a great ass workout:
Stage two

Here's the final product. I wish I could describe the effort it took to finish this. If you notice the parking lot next door, you won't be surprised to hear the dirt was filled with trash. I mean, you'd literally think the yard was on top of a landfill it was so disgusting. I spent a few weeks just picking out broken glass, cigarette wrappers, and the occasional children's shoe. Eventually, I took our extra pasta strainer and sifted through the dirt - the new dirt underneath the stone is a regular fucking beach shoreline with the finest sand in all the land. Notice the new tarp covering the parking lot view, the christmas lights (I'll post a night picture later), the plants that were moved to the back, and the nice rich black dirt. Sorry the picture is kind of dark, it's a beautiful day today, so there's a big shadow. Notice also the bright white sidewalks (with a few puddles). The thing on the left is an old washing machine the landlord put back there; we're moving it this afternoon.
New Backyard!
And here's the fabulous new grill:
BBQ Time.
That hallway in the back is where we were keeping all our trash, so I can't tell you how amazing (and Pine Sol sanitized!) it looks now in comparason. This is where the keg will be in a few hours. Those white trash cans are supposed to be in the kitchen, but C was mopping.

Bring on the beer!


At 2:12 AM, October 16, 2005, Blogger cg-c said...

Holy cow! Nice work! It looks fantastic! And as an apartment-dweller who is currently living sans yard, I'm insanely jealous of your grilling/keg acreage.

Can I come vicariously to the grilling party?


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