Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Take twenty!

The trash situation has been a real roller coaster. First we're annoyed that our trash barrels didn't arrive very quickly, and grossed out as we started piling our crap in the backyard. Then we're peeved that no one is responding to our repeated phone calls and email. Move on to total raging anger as we realize animals are eating the trash, ten inches from our back door, and we resort to contacting the city councilmen and mayor's offices. Finally (!) the barrels arrive the other day. It takes two evenings to get all our trash (plus recycling, which includes our moving boxes, also bags of weeds and the trash I sifted out of the dirt in the backyard, and little trinkets we've sifted out of the house, like extra mugs, etc) to the front. Obviously we filled up the barrel quickly and left the rest of the bags next to it.

The first night a cadre of homeless people searched and found what they wanted, leaving the rest of it strewn around the curb. We pile it back up. Last night we brought out C's boxes of books he was planning on keeping until they stayed out in the rain. Apparently bums like to read, because most of those were picked through this morning. But we were excited because Wednesday is Trash Day (a day later because of the holiday).

I come home from work to find: trash. Piles and piles of unmoved trash. Our neighbors trash has been emptied, so obviously the truck came by. RAGE! C was even more pissed than me and left an angry message at DC Public Works, promising them a follow-up tomorrow morning.

Then - a solution! At 11pm tonight the doorbell rings and it's some guy who says he does the trash (or something?) for Ben's Chili Bowl a block away. He says he's noticed our trash and feels bad because he's seen people picking through it. And - wait for it! - for FIVE dollars he'll take it all away for us!!

Can you believe that! We're like - Hell yeah you can take it! C asked me if I had cash cause he was out and all I had was a twenty, and I said "Dude, just give him $20, he's like our saviour." We should have put our trash out on the curb earlier, ha. So he's down hauling it away right now. Believe me, it was a LOT of shit, and this is really nice of him. I can't believe he just wanted $5. I don't care if he's a homeless guy who's taking it all to his shelter or a junkie selling the broken down boxes for a quick fix.

I noticed he was using our barrels to move it to where ever he's taking it, and the thought crossed my mind that he might just steal them. I told C I authorized him to use deadly force if that is the case because at this point, our barrels are very much worth a human life. Oh man, I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to a trash-free world.


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