Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I just went down to talk to C, because I heard the guy come to the door again. We're pretty sure he's a homeless guy, because he asked C if he could provide other services, such as raking our yard. Nothing like vagrants coming to your door at midnight. Welcome to U Street! C said the trash is good for now. I guess he's doing a few yards down the street tonight. I asked C where he thought the guy was taking our trash and C laughed and said, "Honestly, that's not our problem anymore." Good thing I shred my junk mail I guess, ha.

I keep saying I'll take a picture of our beautific backyard, but I will definitly do it in the next few days. With the rocks down, the trash gone, the sidewalk swept (and tomorrow, Pine Sol-ed!), and our new white christmas lights up, it looks like an outside cafe, seriously. We're really happy with it and the lights are just perfect. We were worried they might look slightly cheesy. Now if we could just find ONE (preferably five) god damn plastic patio chair in the entire city, it'd be perfect.


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