Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Look what came in the mail today:
The chocolates are from my grandparents and the fruit is from my sister, both for my bar passage. Thankfully, everyone in my family hates those disgusting cordial cherry things, so whenever we give each other See's candies we send the "nuts and chews" selection, so it's full of tasty nut clusters. Whenever we get chocolates from non-family members, the box sits on the coffee table with a steak knife inside so we can dissect each one to prevent unintended chocolate/fruit mixes on our picky palates.

And check out that fruit, yo! It must be the "tropical" selection, with not one but two avocados (someone's making guacamole tonight!), a couple kiwis, and a gigantor pineapple, which I'll have to learn how to slice up.

On another note, I put up a new profile picture. My mom sent it to me, said it was taken by the Hubble. It's been called the "Eye of God" by admirers, and is also the subject of a oft-forwarded email claiming it appears every 3000 years and performs "miracles." Well, no. But it is real and called the Helix Nebula, and can be seen all the time (nebulas don't appear and disappear like comets or something). More can be found here. Isn't it pretty though? Let's pretend it's god's eye anyway. She's going to have to watch me two-time the rest of the cosmos for awhile.

(Don't forget to tell me where you are. We're a pretty coastal bunch so far.)


At 5:44 PM, November 29, 2005, Anonymous jake said...

i like how the "eye of god" is a blue eye...just another way for the white man to continue to keep the people down.

just kidding (a little)

At 6:06 PM, November 29, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

what worse - i've read the photo is actually color tinted a little from the original.

anyway, god is a woman, you pig. ;)

did anyone see American Dad the other day where the kid talks to god in the saudi arabian desert? the kid comes back to the city to tell everyone how god told him they can all live in peace and at the end of his long speech finally says the pronoun no one wants to hear, "and she said..." and the crowd of men listening try to spin in because he couldn't possibly mean god is a woman. "You mean, He was in drag, right?" "No, okay, then God's got a rack, because that's just the way he rolls?"

Good times.


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