Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Oh, and uh, Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all."

That's what I heard over the intercom last night while I waited forty-five minutes for a metro train. Maybe it was karmic payback for my post from yesterday. I hate waiting for trains at closing time, because they wait for all the trains to get to the connections so no one gets stranded at Gallery Place or L'Enfant Plaza. So, yes, it was forty minutes into Thanksgiving by the time my train came.

However, I cleaned up yesterday. I met my old co-workers in Chinatown to see Rent on opening day. Being a Rent virgin, I thought it was fantastic; even people who are familiar with the play said the movie was really well done. And everyone is so damn good looking, well, except for the girl playing Maureen, only because she looks like my old skank boss, so that was just distracting.

We went after the movie to get some beers and to stretch our stomachs properly (with bar food) for the feast today. Apparently at work they were forced to play another dumb-ass game like we did on Halloween and the boys all won a $15 iTunes card. So, one of the boys gave me his because he didn't want iTunes to detect all the stolen music on his computer, except...yeah right. Then another one of my friends remembered she had a Starbucks card to give me from another guy we worked with, who's last day happened to be the day after I got fired. The bosses gave it to him for his going-away whatever and he said he wanted me to have it cause I got screwed. Wasn't that nice of him? I'm not sure how much money's on it, though I would guess $50, so I'll have to go test it out later. My friends are all such giving people, which made me feel kind of like an ass because I was being a bit of a cheapskate yesterday. One reason I know we're such a generous bunch is that every single time we go out and it comes time to pay, we always end up with WAY more money than we need, even with 20% tip - and how often does that happen? (We soon discovered that the extra money was perfect for downpayment on a pitcher at the next bar.) But I'm so broke right now I was like "um, can I get some change back then?" Ha. Oh well, my friends understand, and it was an early night anyway.

So - what's the Thanksgiving Day Menu here on U Street? The White House gives you theirs, like we care, so I'll share mine with you...cause you care:

Fire up the grill - this is America!
-Turkey Burgers
-Salmon Burgers for the vegetarian
-Grilled Yams
-Grilled Peppers
-Mixed Green Salad with non-descript store-bought dressing
-Corn Bread Muffins
-Swedish Apple Pie (or, in case of total pie failure, Betty Crocker brownies)

Sound good? Stop on by!


At 2:09 PM, November 24, 2005, Blogger Saucy Lil' Tart said...

What is the temperature there, Miss Thang? Although I know what your response will be - "It's never too cold to grill! - to which I would reply, "Oh yes, yes it is." But you would then give me a look as if I had a third eyeball and then get back to grilling. And I would eat what you grilled, if I was there. And I would admire you for bearing the elements for a delicious meal.

At 5:21 PM, November 24, 2005, Blogger G. said...

One time, while I was sitting and waiting in a similar fashion (at least I was actually *ON* a train, albeit a stopped one), I thought about how much I would be willing to pay for the opportunity to have one of BART's top managers held down, so I could just punch him in the face as many times as I wanted, spit on him, whatever. With no repercussions, obviously. I determined my number was somewhere between $500 and $800. Now that I write it down though, I think it might actually be more.


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