Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving extravaganza.

We make fun of my grandpa for taking a picture of every single holiday table set-up since my sister and I were born - like, we could fill albums with photos of beautiful tables with no chairs filled. But, I'm already turning into him:


I took about twenty photos of our meager Thanksgiving table before I let my roommates sit down. I'm actually a little mad at myself, because I took NO pictures of the food! And let me tell you, we did a bang-up job, seriously. C made yummy corn muffins and some bad-ass scottish apple pie for dessert (which we had with lactose-free vanilla ice cream, because there was not one carton of regular vanilla left in the entire store this morning, and my mother convinced me last summer that lactose-free tastes exactly the same (and it does)). J fired up the grill for some turkey burgers (SO good, and lean!).

But I think the highlight were my grilled yams. A few days ago I called my mom and begged for some easy autumnal-veg dish that I couldn't screw up. She said "put some sliced yams on the grill." First you put them in the microwave for a few minutes (three, it turns out), then on the grill for about ten minutes, then immediately put on some brown sugar, chopped pecans and a tad of butter so it all melts in. Even C, who hates everything, was blown away. Thanks Mom!

The only fiasco we had were the hazelnuts. C bought them by mistake instead of pecans for his pie, which cracked me up because...who mixes up pecans and hazelnuts in the shell?? They look like the acorns that fell off the tree outside. The internets informed us you can put them in the oven for ten minutes, they split open, and bada-bing, you have roasted hazelnuts. Except, you don't. We put them in for ten minutes...nothing, ten more minutes...still not split open, but we started to smell delicious nutty-smells, ten more out of the entire bag had split, and we started to smell terrible burning-nut smell. Finally, C decided to pull the plug on the operation. He tried to crush the nuts between his oven-mitt and the counter - nada. But now he's absolutely determined to win out over the nuts, so he grabs some pliers from the toolbox. He finally conquers the nutshell only to find...a shriveled burnt hazelnut-shaped thing inside. Bah. I shook him by the shoulders and convinced him to let them go. They went in a nice bowl for our centerpiece. They don't look like much in the picture, but they're awfully festive...I swear.


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