Thursday, December 22, 2005

Everyone needs a reputation

I like to think I make an impression on people where ever I go.

There are three other exec assistants who sit around me, one in my cube and two others on the other side of a low glass partition. We chat and take each other's phones when we run out for errands, et cetera. One of the assistants across the wall came over to talk to my cube-mate, while I had gone into my boss' office for a second.

I thought I heard her say my name, so I walked out and said, "Did you call me?"

Immediately, all three of them look up at me in surprise and start cracking up while I stand there and stare at them with raised eyebrows. The assistant was holding one of the magazines my cube-mate had brought in, and when she finally caught her breath she said to me, "I said, 'Who's this floozy?'" as she pointed to the magazine cover of Scarlette Johansson looking incredibly slutty, "That couldn't have been more perfect timing."

So now I'm the Office Floozy. And, like a good reputation should, it has spread far and wide and comes up just about every single day.


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