Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Photo of the Day: Tuesday

Real Greek Art
View from the roof of Hotel Attalos, Athens, Greece. March 2005.

These paintings on the buildings are actually of someone famous, but I've totally forgotten who...I want to say some artist. I could see at least four or five from our roof.

If you ever go to Athens, I highly recommend this hotel. If I did a 180 from where I was facing to take this photo, I could see the Parthenon larger than life right ahead of me (which is beautifully lit at night, despite the scaffolding). I did a lot of research before we went on this trip and found that this hotel is just off one of the main squares and less than a mile from nearly everything you'd want to see. It's also a good "budget" hotel if you go during the right time of year. I was there in March, about three weeks before the heavy tourist season, and the per day rate was around 90 euro (I think...maybe it was dollars), but that increases steadily over the summer until it quadruples in August. Ridiculous. But the roofdeck and location are worth it. Of course, the roofdeck bar isn't open until summer, but you can still go up and catch the view anytime.


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