Saturday, April 30, 2005

Graduation surprises.

I just found out today that my Grandma is coming to my graduation! She and my mom were going to surprise me when they got here, but finding a non-ridiculous last-minute airfare necessitated telling me so I could do a little web surfing for them.


Probably like twinkies...

This is the cheese I bought at Giant two days ago.


If you click on the picture, you'll notice the expiration date says March 11, 05. I opened it today to put a slice on my turkey sandwich and noticed the edge was a pasty white, not sunny artificial yellow. I took a sniff and...whoa. That's when I took a look at the date.

Now, I bought a package of this same kind of cheese, probably two months ago. I just finished it yesterday so I took a look at the wrapping and right there in pixilated ink: June 21, 05. So, someone must have found and old box of cheese in the back of the Giant warehouse and thought, "hmm, this stuff is probably like twinkies, let's just sell it."

The question now is: Do I take it back to the store? I mean, yeah, I was scammed $3.50, and I nearly gave myself artificial cheese poisoning, and there are probably still packages of expired cheese waiting on the shelf for unsuspecting buyers much like myself. But seriously, am I gonna be that guy who walks in with their cheese and asks for the manager?

These are life's tough questions.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Techno-geeks gone wild.

We might have reached the stage where strapping media players to our bodies has gone overboard. Now, I get the iPod thing. I like to bop, er, headbang or something, to Green Day and Garbage during my walk to school, and personally I'm getting way into the podcast thing. I even kind of get the portable DVD player, if you have a lot of disposable income and get stuck in some mind-numbingly pointless activity, like camping or a showing of the newest Adam Sandler romantic-comedy.

But today, the line has been crossed. Way crossed. Like, I should put a "kick me" sign on your back, crossed. I got to the bottom of the escalator at the Tenleytown metro and was walking to the turnstile, when I looked over to the guy at my right. He was wearing headphones, not attached to an mp3 player, but plugged into a widescreen laptop in his hands that was - I kid you not - playing an episode of Family Guy. Is this guy kidding me?

The fact some kid got stabbed three blocks from my house for his iPod last week, makes me think that walking around with a two-grand-laptop in your hands, totally oblivious to everything around you, is not a great idea. Granted, some might say Peter Griffin and his mad-cap, beer-induced antics are be worth a stab in the gut, but why risk it?

Pre-empting the O.C.

If you were wondering, last night's Bush rant was provoked by a funny message my friend Mindy left on my answering machine around 8:30pm. "I'm just calling because stupid George is talking through the O.C., and I was wondering if you could do something about it, because, you know, you're neighbors and everything...." Hah. Believe me, I wish.

This guy said it pretty well.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh, by the way -

President Bush: You are an asshole. Stop implying that the U.S. Treasury will default, because it's a violation of your Constitutional responsibilities as the Executive. And learn how to say "peninsula" and "nuclear," because you're embarrassing us.

We know you're a coward, because otherwise you wouldn't hide at your fake Texas ranch all the time. We know you're scamming us, because you talk out of both sides of your mouth. You have a plan for Social Security? Oh, two months later, you don't have a plan, you just wanted to scare us into thinking our current system will fail? Now you do have a plan? Are you an asshole? Well, at least we know the answer to that last one.

We know you only gave the press conference because the American People are finally realizing you're a fraud. If the election had been six months later, you would never have been given this second chance. I hope you're enjoying it, because the People will suffer you long into the future.

And by "getting back to work," I meant...

that I turned on the television, after Quinn notified me that they were finally repeating the mini-series of Battlestar Gallactica. This is great, because I've had it at the top of my netflix queue for weeks now but it keeps saying "long wait." If you haven't seen BSG, you're really missing out. Although I call myself a "science geek," I'm not really into most scifi shows, but this one kicks ass. It has great story threads, great editing, great camerawork, even great background music. Highly recommended.

I did manage to finish my federal courts outline, thank goodness. So that's down, and my antitrust outline was done this morning. Now I'm going to put those aside for a few days. Since I skipped nearly every single one of my Wills classes, I'm going to immerse myself in that subject for the next three days, so I can take my pass/fail exam Monday afternoon. (In case you haven't heard, my prof went crazy so she was replaced, and now we're all taking the exam pass/fail, lucky for me.)

I wonder how much I need to know just to pass...

Okay, screw it.

I've been messing around since 1pm, but I said "don't blog, you need to work." Instead I went to the grocery store, called my mom for an hour, and opened all my birthday gifts. Daily Kos was down most of the day again, which is just cruel.

In the mail today I found out that my court date has been moved back to July 6th. Fine, whatever. I'm not backing down, and when I win this case, I'm dedicating a entire webpage to tell the world how much this guy sucks so they don't work with him. The only good thing is that now my finals week will not be dragged down by this man. I have Wills next Monday (my birthday, of course), the court date was supposed to be Wednesday, Antitrust on Friday, Federal Courts the next Monday, and finally Sales on the last Wednesday. A friend of my finishes the same day, and another friend who goes to GWU law said he's going to wait for us outside the building with margs. He damn well better remember the salt. I really have not been drinking for months now, so I'm going to have to take it easy after finals or I'm not going to be a happy camper, ha. Also, Mindy is visiting the day after I'm done, so I have to be lively.

So, I'm going to have to update my reading journal because my grandparents gifted me the two Dan Brown books. I'm the last one in the world to read the Da Vinci Code, so I'm going to have to bump it to the top of my list. New books are always very exciting. I also got a package of Red Vines from Mom - so take that, you twizzler-eating east coast elitists. You can take your plastic licorice, I only eat the good stuff.

Okay, god, I better get back to work. I'm so close to being done with my Federal Courts outline I can smell it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Reason #8903 why I hate my apartment.

In case you don't know, my apartment is on the bottom floor and my window is right on the level with the driveway going down to the parking garage. Often, this means I have to deal with people staring in my apartment if I have my blinds open. Rude, but, what can I do? There are also a few temporary parking spots along the side.

I was sitting at my desk, working on my outline when "C.K.", this girl from my first-year section who lives in my building and is totally fucking crazy, parks outside my window with a few friends. I assume they're coming back from happy hour, because 1) CK wasn't driving her car and 2) they soon showed me they were wasted.

C.K. must have pointed me out because one of the other girls said loudly, "Oh my god that's the blonde girl from our section? I haven't seen her in two years!"

Okay, first, my windows aren't made of cement. I can HEAR through them. Second, "the blonde girl"? I'm also fairly certain they kept talking about me for another minute, but I went to the bathroom because...weird. C.K., funnily enough, kept her head turned away from me in the passenger seat, because I think she was the only one who noticed that I immediately turned to look when they started talking.

So they left and I closed my blinds. They came back a few minutes later and again the girl moronically shouted "Look! She totally did!" Close my blinds, she meant. Morons.

DMV - Take 2

Success! I am now the proud holder of a snazzy new, blue, DC driver's license. I was worried again about my cable bill, because even though it includes my landline, it doesn't say that, only "bundled services," and cable alone doesn't count as a utility. Also, Starpower decided to send my last bill on plain white paper, with no logo or colors anywhere, so the guy looked at it for awhile and kept asking me questions. What, Starpower, are you trying to ruin me? Anyway, they accepted it after some interrogation.

My picture doesn't even look that hideous, which is all you can really ask.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oh, in case I didn't mention it...

I've officially gone to my last. class. EVER. Three years of this b.s. I've got four exams, and assuming I pass, I will be a law school graduate. It's a little anti-climactic, only because I still have a whole summer of bar review classes and then the Big One - the California bar exam.

But I won't let that get me down right now. No more lectures, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks. Now I just have to get my act together for two more weeks and I'm golden.

DMV Hell

Okay, so I didn't get my damn license today. My current one expires next Monday, which means I need to get on it or I'll have to take a driving test, plus I need to be able to rent a car after finals.

To tell you I'm frustrated and pissed would be serious understatement. I'll save you the long story and give you the salient details that I think capture my morning:

1. I went to three different "DMVs" in DC, one of which did not actually exist. This also means I didn't get to the right one until lunch time, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.

2. At my second stop, the neighborhood was fairly sketchy. What do I mean by that? Two blocks from the metro, a big, burly, black man pulled over his mini-van to ask me if I was from the neighborhood. I said, "No, sorry." To which he laughed nervously and said, "I'm from the Commerce Dept and I'm supposed to meet a client out here, but I'm afraid to get out my vehicle."

3. After waiting 30 minutes in line to get my number for the real line, the typical DMV employee behind the counter said, "This cable bill is more than 60 days old [wtf? I just grabbed one!]. Sorry, you'll have to come back."


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