Friday, June 03, 2005

AWOL Again

The box came! Which means I might actually get the iBook repaired this time, but also means I'll be staring at the walls for the next week. I'll compile some stories of my classmates who aren't maisnon, but are crazy, for you guys when I get back.

I leave you with this story I was reminded of while talking to Quinn last night:

I only date people named Robert. My senior year in college, my sorority (oy, I know, don't ask) did this thing during the last month of school called "senior wills," which is kind of like a roast for the graduates. Because both of my college boyfriends were named Robert, I was "willed" a tattoo of a heart with "Robert" inside because it would always apply. So last year I met (or re-met actually) Quinn and we hit it off and started dating. When I got my first email from him, I was horrified to see it was from Robert [last name]! I asked him, and he said Quinn is actually his middle name. Do I have some strange "Robert" magnet? He said last night, "I guess it's good I go by Quinn, or you never would have given me a second glance," ha.

Okay, so I'm out for the duration. Cross your fingers that I can raise my percentage scores due to long-hours without internet access for distraction, and not to many wake-ups in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because my laptop is gone.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


That's what I got on my last question set. Except two of them were stupid mistakes, so I like to think it was really 75%, because the Bar Examiners will get that's what I meant, right?

I'm getting some of them wrong because I'm always conflicted as to what a "material term" is when merchants are making offers and acceptances. I know you have to decide whether they intended to make a K and then whether or not the additional term is included, and I know the UCC rule that it is included unless it's material or the offeror objects, but I'm still getting them wrong. Is limiting liability a material term? Apparently so. Is changing the delivery terms material? Apparently not. But I keep guessing the wrong one. Sigh.

I'm also getting the third-party beneficiary q's wrong, but we still haven't covered that in lecture, so I won't worry until I'm getting them wrong tomorrow night.

P.S. By "nosebreather," I meant someone who loudly breathes, sighs, and laughs through their nose. I realize now the term is a little unclear since we all, you know, breathe through our noses.

P.P.S. Maisnon - I might have to ask you to turn around, because I'll only recognize the back of your head! :)


I made my famous salad tonight. After last weekends junk-food fest, my body was starting to rebel so some veggies were in order. Unfortunately, produce in D.C. is disgusting. I know I'm kind of a produce snob having grown up in SoCal next to strawberry fields and orange groves, but you'd think I could find one green pepper that wasn't so old it was wrinkling or one tomato that wasn't dry inside. I complain about this to my mom all the time; she loves her farmer's market on the weekend. Anyway, I put lots of balsamic vinegar on the salad, so it'll do. I'm sure Rebecca's and stag's versions were tastier. If you try it, let me know!

I sat next to a nosebreather in class today, and I realize that Epstein is funnier than most profs, but nosebreather laughed at everything, it was so weird. I mean hey, I'm kind of a geek, I used to be an astrophysics major - and those guys invented geeky humor, but listen: "So what if, instead of paying him $500 for the car, I pay $3," isn't funny, I swear. During the break, my friend (who I mentioned yesterday) came over to say hello and get stag's number. I had already pulled out a book (to wash out the contracts for ten blessed minutes), so I was holding it open with my hands folded on top after we started talking. Nosebreather comes back into the room and sees that I have this non-law book and leans over, literally almost between my friend and I, to stare for a good 30 seconds at the top margin of the page to see the title. So. Fucking. Weird.

Not doomed yet.

I know the typical 'score' on these practice questions is not very good, but I did really bad on a question set last night.

But after going over the questions this morning, I realize the ones I missed were all K topics we haven't covered yet. I got almost all the ones right that involved topics we covered yesterday. So, cross your fingers, hope is not lost yet. Ha.

I've been convinced to purchase the PMBR cd's, which I think will be good for the topics that are difficult for me. So last night I picked up Civ Pro, Property, Evidence, and Corporations. Here's to happy listening.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

eBay is not good for my heart

I find bidding on eBay to be an unusually stressful experience. I almost always use the "buy this now" feature if it's a reasonable price, even though it's probably a few more dollars than I'd pay if I bid with everyone else.

I just tried bidding on a bar review cd and I was winning for the last five minutes, which is when the stress kicks in because I have to sit there and refresh the page every 30 seconds so I'll have enough time to bid-up if I have to. The very last minute arrives and I'm hitting refresh over and over. At literally ONE second left to go I'm winning, so I hit refresh one last time: "You have been outbid!" By 50 cents. Fuck that. Forget law school, it's eBay that will finally give me that ulcer.

Today's bar/bri experience.

The girl in front of me today (different girl - the other two were in the exact same seats from yesterday, I knew better this time) had with her on the first substantive day of bar/bri: a stack of no less than 75 hand-made contracts flash cards made with two types of pens, two-hole punched and stacked neatly inside a plastic index-card sized 'binder'; and a separate note-pad to take notes that she couldn't fit on the outline she was filling in and highlighting with multiple colors. I have a flash-card binder, too, it's called a rubber band.

There was also a boy who was on the summer abroad program with me after 1L, but he found out he was transferring during the trip, so we hung out the rest of the summer after we got back, but I haven't seen him much since 2L started. I dig him, but he's one of those guys that's too cool for school, so to speak, and rarely has a facial expression. So he stared at me until I saw him, then when I waved, he just kept staring, so I felt like an idiot because he wasn't looking at me - except he was, it was just his way of saying, "come say hi!" Oy. He also has a band and funky glasses, you know, and seems all introspective when I'm talking to him, which just makes me nervous and sound like an idiot. No wonder we were drunk that entire summer. Hmm, I'm making it sound like we were 'together,' but we weren't together that way.

Class wasn't that bad. Epstein is a freak, but keeps your attention. And you can't honestly say the material is that bad when you're literally filling in an outline they give you. But two girls sitting behind me started freaking out to each other as soon as the video ended. "Oh my god, this is so intense!" "I know, how in the world are we supposed to get all this work done! It's crazy!" "Totally, and I totally don't get this stuff, oh my god."

Just like that. Thanks ladies, for making contracts that much more palatable. Which reminds me, I've got 17 questions to go answer.

P.S. In case it's not obvious, I should note that I do my share of the freak law student things, too, but that's not going to stop me from making fun of other people while I'm at it!

Wanna see my Hummer?

I'm on hold with Apple Support again because my box has still not arrived, and there's still a typo on the "repair status" page that says they're repairing my last problem. Meanwhile, they're testing the fire alarms in the building over, and over, and over. They were supposed to start this at 9am, so I wonder if they've been blaring them for the past hour and a half straight.

I saw two Hummers on the way to the gym this morning and it made me think of this little anecdote. Last year I used to study at Starbucks all the time, because I got sick of the lib and couldn't concentrate at home. If you don't hang out a lot at the 'bucks, you might not have realized that they've turned into single's bars. At least once a week I'd get hit on by some strange guy, and it's not like I'm some hot babe, but maybe I encouraged them being a 'women alone at a table.' You know how we do that.

So one day I walk in the shop and set my non-stealable stuff down at a table. The table next to mine happened to be empty. I spent a few minutes waiting in line and ordering coffee, then came back to my table, where now a guy my age, of the wanna-be hip-hop entourage variety, is sitting at the table next to me. He immediately leans over (before I had the chance to put my iPod on!) and says in this player voice, "I saw you walk in and waited here because I just had to talk to you." So, right away: creepy. I kinda raise my eyebrows and say, "oh...yeah?" Then he starts asking me what I'm reading, even though it's pretty obvious he doesn't even know what "Antitrust" means, much less gives a damn why I'm reading it. Finally he gets to the punchline, "So, you think I can get your number?" Just to get rid of him I say, "Um, sure," and write down a fake number for him. As he gets up to leave he kind of moves behind me and puts his arm around my chair and points out the window, down the street, "See that black Hummer over there?" (gives a wink and a nod) "That's mine." If I was thinking more clearly, I would have said, "Oh, really?" and yanked back the (fake) number, except I have the feeling he probably wouldn't have taken that very well.

There was another guy seated at the table in front of me who heard the entire conversation, and as soon as player-man left, normal guy turns to me and busts out laughing, as did I. He mocks, "Wanna see my Hummer?" Oh man. Good times.

Okay, I finally got ahold of apple guy, who then put me on hold for another 20 minutes waiting for dispatch guy, who told me the box had not even been shipped and he wasn't sure why, but he'd send it out right away. Sure they will. I felt a little bad cause it wasn't this guys fault I've had so many problems, but I started getting really irritated with him. They need to have on their button choices, "Person who will listen to you lose your shit when you finally get fed up with our punk-ass service."

P.S. The fire alarms are still blaring.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A belief in moments.

I'm having trouble keeping my head in the game already. I think it's just going to take a few days to warm up to a heavy-duty study schedule. I've been going over the Contracts CMR, but I'm trying to make flashcards along the way and it's really slowing me down. What's worse is that I'll read something and think, "Should I write that down? I don't know..." and waste time on that for minutes, instead of just writing it down and moving on.

I'm inclined to think the flashcards are a good idea at this point, even though sometimes I'm just writing down the CMR verbatim. But contracts is one of my worst subjects and it's the best way for me to remember the six kinds of agreements that must be in writing under the Statute of Frauds. Man, I hate contracts. Also, my hand is getting tired writing the cards, so it's actually a good work-out for the exam.

The subject heading of this post is from my shameful ten minute break to see the train-wreck that is Chaotic. I've heard how terribly bad it is so I thought it'd be a good trashy excuse for a break. As it turns out, "trashy" is really an underestimation of those two. Federline is one of the grossest boys I've ever seen on television - ever. They're really perfect for each other, because they could talk forever and literally say nothing at all, like this: Britney, "Life is just a bunch of moments to be lived," Federline, "And each moment should be lived to the fullest," Britney, "I've really...started to have a belief in moments." I might be paraphrasing there, because my brain cells started to suffocate and die-off around this time. I intended to have a full half-hour break, but the dialog was so painful I turned it off at the first commercial break and went back to the suddenly-appealing contracts review.

Update: TWoP says it better.

Ply-wood elevator.

I forgot to mention the GW elevator. I guess they're remodeling it or something, or maybe they bought it at IKEA and are building it piece by piece, but when you walk in, it's literally just ply-wood covering the entire inside, except for the lights and the buttons (all the panels were wood). I don't have a fear of elevators, but using that one again might instill it in me. Since when is any elevator made of wood? I think I'm going to take my camera tomorrow and post a picture here.

Anyway, I guess I should be studying, contracts! No! Torts! Ahhh!! Someone tell me what to do!!

Law students are annoying.

As if you all didn't know that already. And it's shit like bar review that brings out the worst of the paranoia. Now, I used to be one of those people. My woodshop (yes, woodshop) teacher told me in seventh grade that if I didn't chill out I was going to have an ucler by age twenty. But I definitely met my match at law school, ten-fold, and I've come to realize how idoitic it is to worry about every single fucking detail in life. For instance, I had no idea what classroom I was going to, but it turns out there was a big sign right when you walk in the building. See? Problem solved. So anyway, I got there a little early today, and there were a few people sitting around me, in particular, one girl to my right in the row in front of me, and one to my right in the row behind me.

I started to rifle through the packet they gave us, but I quickly realized they were going to go through it ad nauseum during class, so I stopped wasting precious daydreaming minutes and promptly put on my iPod and stared out the window. (Btw, they actually gave us dogtags, so if I suddenly die during Torts review, they'll be able to identify my body.) The girl in front is kind of frantically going through all the material and examining every day on the paced schedule. Finally she turns around and, not realizing my iPod means "Don't talk to me," asks me something unintelligible about the paced schedule. I couldn't understand her english so I laughed and said, "Me either! I'm sure they'll explain it during class," and put my earphones back on.

A few minutes later, apparently the girl behind me asked me an entire question, not realizing I couldn't hear her, but I turned around to investigate the mumbling. She apologized, then held out the paced schedule and pointed to the top where it says "New York/Washington DC" (because we're on the same video schedule) and asks, "Why does it say New York, this is the California class right? Is that a typo?" Sigh. I tell her. Then she points to the bottom where the days are blocked off for the bar exam and says anxiously, "But these dates are a typo, right??" I tried really hard not to roll my eyes, but then I looked more closely and the dates are actually typed wrong. Now you've got to ask yourself, who the fuck cares? You know what day the bar exam is, they're not trying to trick you into missing two days of the bar (oh, that's why the pass rate is so low!) - now chill the hell out already.

Unintelligble girl in front asks me another question, which I still don't understand, so I do the exact same thing (and why don't I have more friends again?), because c'mon, is it so important that you have to ask a total stranger now instead of waiting the three more minutes until class starts? Is the world going to end? You might in fact have evidence the world will end if you don't know the answer right now....but I doubt it. Finally someone sat next to her, so I was off the hook for the 15 more questions she had during the lecture. Even funnier was during the three times on the video where the prof said "and tomorrow when we start torts..." because our class is actually scheduled to do contracts tomorrow. It's on the paced schedule, it was on all the emails, but people freaked out every single time. You could suddenly hear paper rustling and people nudging their neighbors and you know someone was just dying to ask what was going on, but resisted only because they wagered the video screen wouldn't answer.

Also, our bar/bri reps look about twelve years old. And I did meet one nice girl on the way back to the metro, so that's about par for the course, fifty people I hate and one who's actually fairly normal.

And it all begins.

I finally dragged out my bar/bri books from under the table this morning and I'm happy to see that one of them is labeled, "Bring this to every class." Since the schedule says today is just an Intro class and we weren't given an assignment (as far as I know) I'm not sure what to bring with me.

My patience with Apple is running thinner everyday. I still haven't received the box to ship the iBook in. The woman told me I could wait for a box or go to the nearest Apple store, but I didn't want to do a 45 minute each-way trek to the store in Pentagon City (on a side note - I didn't know until I went shopping last week that there is a new apple store there, which is great!). Everytime I've asked for a box, I get it the next day. I know it was a long weekend, but I talked to Elise, my new Personal Representative since Curt was canned, Thursday and I'm pretty sure DHL ships on Saturdays, so I don't know what the deal is. Now I probably won't receive it until after I leave for class today, so it won't go out for repair until tomorrow, and I don't see any possible way of getting it back this week if that happens. I'm printing out the Con Law outline just in case it really does take two weeks. I've heard there is audio online we're supposed to listen to for the practice questions, so that's going to be an issue. I suppose it will be good for the computer to be out of my hands at the start of barbri to get my attention focused properly, but that might backfire and instead of devoutly studying I might just end up lying in bed in a cold sweat mumbling about the email I'm missing.

It's possible I'll post again before I ship it off (assuming the box comes today), but if not, you know where to send the damp washcloths and popsicles.

Update: Well this has been an eventful morning. Just as I secretly figured, we were, in fact, told what classroom the review is in. However, this information was on a "registration card" that came with our books, and I'm pretty sure there was nothing in the boxes besides the books. I seem to remember thinking it was odd there wasn't a receipt or anything else inside. Not that it's not possible I just tossed it and don't remember now. So I called bar/bri, but of course the california office doesn't open until 9am, or noon here. I'm sure if I call GW they'll just tell me to call bar/bri. Annoying.

Also, I just tried a full back-up to my external hard-drive, but the program I use "unexpectedly quit" twice. It's never done that before. I manually backed up the important stuff (notes, pictures, etc), so that'll have to do. Now it won't let me eject the disk because it say it's "in use." If you ask me, it's just my iBook continuing to wage war with me.

Random thoughts on the last day of my life.

Not really, but it kinda feels like it. Barbri starts tomorrow afternoon so I'm going to try to start a regimen. I'll wake up at 8am, spend at least a half hour screwing around because I am anything but a morning person, then go to the gym. Get home by 9:30-10am, hit the showers, read the news for a bit and eat lunch, then go to class. After class, eat dinner and try to settle in for the homework for a few hours. I know I should probably study in the morning, but I'm just not that kind of person, and the lack of new tv should hopefully keep it off at night. Also, my gym is almost completely empty during the day, but is crawling with the work-rats in the evening.

Anyway, now you can see why I've been stuffing myself with ice cream and sitting around reading novels for hours the past few days. I really tried to enjoy it, because I'm starting to feel a little anxious about the future, just generally. I'm not really happy about choosing the law life and now I'm buckling down for one last terrible phase of it. Sort of an animal in a cage feeling, maybe. Oh well.

So on TNT they've been advertising this new mini-series about the western settlers v. the native americans. I can't remember the name off-hand, but they play this song during the commercials that I love but couldn't remember the name of. Finally I realized it was Sarah McLachlan's "World on Fire" and I used to listened to it on repeat maybe six months ago. If I were still in my angsty-teen years I'd probably analyze this song and find some way that it totally applies to my life and how cruel the world is, or something. But, now that I've reached the infinite wisdom one acquires by 26, I don't want to sit down and analyze it, but just enjoy how much I love listening to it. I don't know all the words, but the music and her voice are beautiful. I've been listening to it on repeat again and it's one of those songs that makes you feel like you're hearing a secret for a first time, like you're discovering something new. I love songs that make you feel like that.

Wow, that was a downer. Right as I finished that last thought, my calendar gave me a pop-up reminder that barbri starts in 12 hours. Can I just have one more half-day of peace? Oh well. I had a bunch of random things I was going to post about, but I think maybe I'll just go to bed and see if I can make it to the treadmill tomorrow.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Frozen queso

It seems that I accidentally hit the tempature thingy in my fridge yesterday, so today I found everything inside frozen. The fake Crystal Light got the worst of the cold front, and is still thawing out on my counter. The milk and tzatziki were covered in crusty ice and even, yes even the Trader Jose's chile con queso had water chunks in it. Oh, what kind of world has this become!

Anyway, I'm about 50 pages to the end of the Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown is kind of like Tom Clancy for the academic. And not so digustingly verbose. I've been trying to soak up all the laziness of an entire summer into this past weekend. My barbri classes start tomorrow and I've vowed to sit on my ass and eat junk food until the clock ticks around to 1:30pm tomorrow. I made my hotel reservation for San Diego and bought my plane ticket, so, that's it, I'm in for the long haul now.

As for my barbri classes, they've been so kind to inform us they're charging us $50 to use the school library (fuck that, I live a stone's throw from Howard's law lib, which is 10 times as nice as AU's, much less paying these jerks to hang out at GW twelve hours a day), and that parking is a mere $7 a day, but haven't bothered to tell us what classroom we'll be in. I guess I'll just show up early tomorrow and ask around. Looks like another Law and Order marathon is on, I guess I better get my fill while the gettin's good.

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