Saturday, July 23, 2005

Corndogs and mustard.

That's what I had for lunch today. My mother's kitchen hosts a plethora of foods that I forgot existed. Since I live alone, food spoils quickly, so if I were to buy something like hot dogs, I'd have to plan to have hot dogs everyday for a week, or else throw them out. This prevents me from buying many kinds of food. I also have no concept of using the freezer for anything other than Trader Joe's grilled veggie burritos, but my mom seems to think that anything can go in there. She'll buy a pack of hot dogs, and then individually wrap each one in a baggie, put them all in a big ziplock, and viola - hot dogs that last a lifetime. Part of me thinks this is brilliant, because then you could have a hot dog whenever the feeling struck you, even if it was once a month. Part of me, however, thinks that taking food out of its commercial packaging, then indivudally wrapping each item, may actually be more work than studying for the bar exam.

I've just been standing in front of the freezer marveling at the food in there. There are pancakes (individually wrapped), lean cuisines, three different kinds of sorbets and two different kinds of fruit bars, homemade muffins, bags of coffee grounds, bags of spaghetti sauce, and tons and tons of nondescript ziplock bags with individually wrapped items inside. And corn dogs! I could never imagine having this much food in my house. And when my mom finds out I'm blogging about her fridge, she's going to kill me.

Pour some misery down on me.

I am going to FAIL this bitch. With a capital F. And A, I, and L, too.

I finished my substantive review today, with an appropriate finale: real property. I don't really know how to study property anymore, because it seems that I can remember all the rules just fine, but I have serious SERIOUS problems with fact application and essay organization. There was an MBE that asked about prior appropriation water rights, where one guy first diverted water to irragate his crops, then a few years later a guy upstream diverted wated for his plumbing, but there wasn't enough for both of them. Now, I know that in prior appropriation the more 'natural' use prevails, or if they're both natural, then it's usually first in time/first in right. So I picked the crop guy, because crops are vegetables, which are nature right? And plumbing is totally artificial. Not so much. Apparently diverting water into your toilet is, legally, considered "natural" use, much more so than watering your plants. How the fuck am I supposed to know that? I can't memorize the application of these rules to EVERY SINGLE FACT PATTERN THAT CAN POSSIBLY EXIST.

And it seems like the property essays go a little like this: Guy leases Blackacre to Girl for two years, with three lame covenants. Girl assigns her rights to Chick, without permission. Chick tears down the building and builds a store, installing a heating system. Meanwhile, Guy conveys his interest and reversion to Dude. Dude dies, leaving his interest to his children, Dick and Jane, equally with the right of survivorship, then to Jane's children who reach the age of 22. Chick's head starts to pound and thinks its because of the lead paint used on the building, so she abandons. Who owes rent to whom?

I fucking hate these questions. It doesn't matter if I know all the landlord-tenant rules, because I wouldn't even know where to begin. Sometimes you can start with the very first conveyance, but after that it becomes such a total mish-mash of people and interests that I become paralyzed trying to organize it all.

Anyway. I bought a new pair of glasses today! I tried to find a picture online, but it seems they're some no-name brand. They're tortoise-shell, which is funny because I usually HATE that, but I put these on and we were like "whoa, these are it." They kind of make me feel like Clark Kent for some reason. I'll get them on Friday when I get back from the bar. Then I'll be able to see again! In so many ways...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Leave my Diet Pepsi in peace, woman.

I found a good law library to study at today. The county government center is only a short walk from my house; they have big tables, no people, and large tinted windows so I can people-watch without them knowing that I'm judging their spandex leggings and short-alls. Around 3:30, a library employee finally walked by my table, noticed me and my paraphenalia, and rudely said, "Miss, you're going to have to bring your Diet Pepsi up front." What? Up front where? Is the desk lady going to babysit the two-ounces I have left until I'm ready to leave? Lame. As she walked away I stashed it in my backpack, prepared to say, "What Diet Pepsi?" and grin mockingly if she asked again.

What really nails me is that - listen-up library mongers of the world - I'm an adult. I've been drinking things from containers my entire life. I vote that once I earned my bachelor's degree, I earned the right to start drinking properly covered beverages in the library. In fact, I'd have to double check, but I think it's stamped right there on the parchment. "Now allowed to imbibe in the lib." Right between "Heather has earned a degree in English. Yes. Seriously, it's a 'real' major" and "summa magna cum laude."

In other news, I'm a little upset that I won't be photo-blogging for the next few weeks. I keep seeing inane picture-moments but I have to let them pass. I forgot my camera usb cable at my apartment, and even if I had it, I'm not really sure how to jerry-rig this hapless Windows machine to make it do what I want it to.

I am SO tired. I cannot WAIT for this whole thing to be over. A few more days. But for now, it's bedtime.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's up in the eight-oh-five!?!

They used to say that on the radio station I used to listen to growing up. They also used to play Tupac, and I'm pretty sure they don't do either anymore.

I'm back online! I arrived back home today in the big VTA, and it's just as suburbilicious as I left it. On the upside, I think it's the first time I've ever brought work on a plane with me and actually did it, which made the time fly by. As I, also, flew. Hah. Eh...what? I had a much-too-long conversation with the woman sitting next to me about what day it was. I think we were both a little embarrassed, at least, we should have been. Occasionally I think I mistakenly took a serious monster-hit of an illegal substance sometime around late May and have yet to come out of the haze.

Number of people who asked me what was up with the "Did you kill an entire rain-forest" quantity of flashcards in the past week: 4
Number of people who asked immediately, "First, second, third timer?": 4
Number of people who "heard most people take it 3-4 times before passing" and then quickly wished me luck: 4

Speaking of failing, I did a quick run-through of the blogs just now (not everything, I've missed a lot!) and - whoa - do I feel like a slacker! Yes, I've been studying all day, but it just sounds like people are FREAKING out and doing 9983 essays, 8,893,293 MBEs and a couple PTs everyday. I'm, like, reviewing my flashcards, writing a brief outline and writing out the rules, making a checklist, outlining some essays, and if I can't get through them all, I at least read them so I've "seen" the issue in an essay. You guys are doing WAY, WAY more than that. I may live to regret it. Then I can satisfy all those strangers by telling them "Um, I'm on my fifth try...or is it sixth? I've lost count." We'll see, ever since I broke out in hives my sophomore year in college because I was such a stress-case as a physics major, I really can't, physically, make myself freak out that much anymore. It just deteriates my health and puts me into total-shut down mode. I'm trying to convince myself that my zen-like ability to stay calm in the face of total uncertainty will give me a leg-up on at least half the people on exam day.

Anyway - thanks to those of you who sent me emails and left comments while I was offline! It was so nice to see some love when I got back! I missed everyone. The blogs have been my lifeline through this whole process this summer, and going cold-turkey sort of put me off-kilter for awhile. I won't be around quite as much this week, since we're hitting the final countdown and, unlike at my apartment, there are plenty of other places to study at mom's house that aren't directly in front of the computer, but I'll be here, checking up on you all. I'll try to think of some stories from the past week to blog.

P.S. What's up with the Ontario crowd? Are we drinking? Imbibing mass quantities of the frothy amber brew? I'll babysit the frosty beverages myself, if I have to.

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