Saturday, August 13, 2005


So I met Maisnon, Fayza and Chai for lunch today. As my loyal readers will know, I already knew Maisnon from Bar/Bri class, after I talked smack about her index card binders on my blog. We had a great time, chatting over some greek food. I noticed how funny it was that we all met online through our experience taking the California bar exam, and here we were in northwest Washington DC - the opposite end of the country - meeting for a Saturday lunch.

I'll post more, but my friend just called and says he's waiting outside my building, so I'm off to imbibe.

I'll take 100 shares.

I'd really like to know who owns shares of my blogstock.

I've never heard of this until a few weeks ago, when I noticed referrals from the site, so clearly someone is looking me up and clicking over.

And hey, I'm totally going for $5457 a share! Hell yeah! Buy it before it blows the roof folks!

Friday, August 12, 2005

See, was that so hard?

I reformatted and moved everything over from my external hard drive. All my settings, bookmarks, even my old email, it's all here. How come I could do this in an hour and a half, but the Green Shirts all had their heads up their asses??

Okay, remember I said I'd tell you about the incident in the LAX bathroom?

I walked into the four-stall bathroom and was the only one there. I closed the door, and was about to get down to business when I hear another girl walk in. She's clearly talking on a cell phone and keeps yapping and yapping to her boyfriend as she goes in the stall next to me. Then I hear this:

Girl: "Okay baby, I gotta pee now....Oh you wanna..?...Okay." So she doesn't hang up and starts peeing. Ew.

Aside from that being gross in itself, I didn't want her boyfriend hearing me peeing, but whatever. So I finish and open the stall door pretty far as I'm leaving, because I have my backpack on and am carrying a small gym bag. Like in all public bathrooms with the metal doors that are made to swing closed, the door hit the frame somewhat hard and shook the other stalls.

Right after it hit I hear the sound of something falling in that girl's stall and liquid splashing all over. No, she didn't get excited and stand up in the middle of her business, instead, lil' miss "listen to me pee" had brilliantly attempted to balance her full starbucks latte on the rounded toilet paper holder.


Okay. Number 1: Bringing your hot milk into the bathroom is gross. (And she also said she just bought it...she couldn't have gone to the bathroom first?) Number 2: Trying to balance it on a rounded surface is beyond dumb. Number 3: Ha!!

I tried really hard not to laugh as she kept screaming to her boyfriend about how someone maliciously attacked her by violently shaking the stall doors to the ground. Actually, I was a little afraid she was going to come out with her pants down and punch me in the face, but even that would have been funny. Luckily I finished washing my hands and got out of their before she was done.

Okay, I'm in the middle of watching Million Dollar Baby. Don't tell me how it ends.


I decided to call Apple. Why? I don't know, I'm a masochist?

I told the guy my problem, how I couldn't transfer over my archived files because for some reason my hard drive is almost full.

Green Shirt: "Well that 'previous user' file is pretty big."
Me: "It's only 22G, but my hard drive is saying it's got 43G on it."
GS: "Yeah, well, I don't know what else you have on your computer."
Me: "I told you, I picked it up at the store yesterday. The only other thing on it is an empty OS, which shouldn't be taking up over 20 gigs."
GS: "Well, yeah, the operating system wouldn't be taking up that much room."
Me: "I know!"
GS: "You have to go into the 'previous user' file and delete what you don't need."
Me: "Then what was the point of them taking five hours to copy it all over yesterday?"
GS: Answer non-responsive.
Me: "Well should I just reformat and copy it off my external drive, to get rid of that mysterious 20 gigs?"
GS: "Yeah, whatever, that will work, too."

Unlike most Apple reps, this guy was actually pretty dismissive. What a bunch of fucking tools. I've been wanting to learn Linux since high school. Maybe for my next computer I'll just get a Viao and use that instead.

I used to be a hard-core Mac convert. No more. The awesome operating system is NOT WORTH THIS.



I couldn't bring myself to haul my ass to Bethesda this morning, because I knew I'd be spending all damn day there again. I was going to call Apple Care instead, even though that'd take just as long, but at least I'd be home and I could watch TV while I was on hold.

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't just back up those archived files on my external hard drive (which is working - meaning, it's not made by Apple) and just do a wipe-disk-clean reformat of the hard drive, then move the files over myself. I mean, if I take it in, I can almost guarantee that's what Green Shirt would do. There is a chance they will be able to copy over my archived files to the desktop by figuring out why 42G are currently filled, but what are the chances?

If anyone is reading this - any opinions?


Fucking hell. Read my last post first.

I tried doing some "image transfer" or whatever, which was supposed to pull up my archived files. Well, it didn't. It closed halfway through because the disk ran out of room. Um, what? My last computer had a 20G hard drive, but this one has 50G. So I looked at the disk and it says that 42 gigs are being used. Are you kidding me? I can't even transfer shit over from my external hard drive. There's not even enough room for my music! AHHH!!

I am going back to Apple tomorrow and I'm going to BEAT SOME HEADS.

Update: I'm not the only one with problems.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Seriously: un-fucking-believable.

Okay first, I'm back in DC. Bleh. I hate leaving Cali, my family, the sunshine, but there it is.

So after sleeping in this morning, I called Apple and they informed me that my new iBook was in fact sitting in their store awaiting my arrival. Off I went, in the east coast humidity that makes me feel asthmatic, on the metro up to Bethesda. I get there around 3:30 and tell the guy in the neon green Apple shirt that I'm there to pick up my computer. He goes into the back and says, "Actually, they're still transferring your information over to the new one." Me: "Oh, okay, well, how much longer." Green Shirt: "Well...maybe 45 minutes?" So, fine, whatever, at least I get all my old information right?

I went to the Barnes and Noble down the block and browsed the shelves. I may have mentioned before that I have self-banned myself from bookstores because I always buy something, and I already have a stack of books here waiting to be read. I checked out the new releases and purchased "The Life of Pi" and "The Task of This Translator," a collection of short stories that sounded good. I went back to the Apple store forty-five minutes later. Green Shirt checks in the back and comes back with an apologetic look: "Um, I'm afraid it's going to take awhile longer." Me: "How much longer?" Green Shirt: "It's not even half done yet." Me: "Come on, I ordered the computer four-weeks ago, why isn't this done yet?" Green Shirt: Answer non-responsive. Me: "Well why didn't you tell me this when I called today right before I left??" Green Shirt: Answer non-responsive.

So he took my cell number and said he'd call me when they were done. I went back to B&N, bought a frap, and sat down with This Translator. One hundred pages into the book (it's really good by the way) I realize it's 7pm, so I call them. It's done! they tell me. Well, thanks for calling me, fuckers. See, giving that guy my cell phone number would only have been helpful if these people were half-way competent, meaning that when this guy got off work at 6pm, he would have told the next guy to call me. Unlikely, I should have known. I pick up the thing and try not to get robbed on the way home, since they don't have any big store bags so I have to carry a big box that says "Brand New iBook G4! Steal me!" on the metro.

I get home and boot the sucker up. Wait...who's the sucker? ME!! Before I left home to get the computer, I had planned to boot it up at the store to make sure it worked fine, but since they were doing the harddrive transfer I assumed it was on and working fine. I FELL FOR IT AGAIN!! Of course they gave me a piece of shit that didn't work. It booted up, but the f-ing trackpad wouldn't respond, which meant I could do zilch without a mouse. I manually rebooted, which further complicated the problem, since, for whatever reason, it went to the log-in page this time and wouldn't accept my username/password. Reboot again. Same thing.

So I'm furious and call Apple Support to voice my displeasure. I got some stuttering fool who didn't really know what he was doing and the longer we spoke and he realized he didn't know what was wrong, the more he would stutter. Well, not really stutter, so much as repeat every word ten zillion times. I have nothing against stutterers, but when I've been on hold for 45 minutes before talking to you, on my millionth call to Mac, after my entire world of problems with them SHOULD HAVE BEEN RESOLVED, and you don't even know what the HELL is wrong this time, I cannot listen to: "Okay, okay, okay, um, uhhhhh, see the - see the - see the menu? Um, um, um, click file, yeah, click file, um, yeah let's see, let's see, um."


So what did we end up doing?? RE-INSTALLING MAC OS! Which means there was NO reason for them to be transferring my information all fucking day, was there? I had to archive all my files and am now retrieving them, which looks like it's going to take about two hours, after the last two hours it took just to install the OS. After that's done, they'll all just be sitting on my desktop, so I'm going to have to move them back where they should be. For the love of all that is holy, I have had it up to HERE with these fools at Apple.

I hate Apple. HATE.

Oh, I have a funny story about a bitch I encountered in the bathroom at LAX, but I'll save that for the next post.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quotes from the fair.

Mom and I went to the Ventura County Fair today. So right now I'm disgustingly full of sugar and greasy goodness. Here's a variety of quotes from the day:

Carnie: "Hey ladies! Where ya been all night? BUUURRRRRRP!!"

Salsa-maker Salesman: "Ever tried one of these?"
Mom: "Yeah, actually I have two."
SMS: "Oh, what did you do with the other one?"
Mom: "Well, I gave it to her." (points to me)
SMS: (looks at me) "Ohh, I would have given her one, too."

That's all I can think of right now. You know what I did, though? I took lots of pictures!! I have some awesome rooster close-ups and photos of crazy vegetables. My web page is never going to load once I get to DC and post everything from the last three weeks.

Want another old family photo?
Grandpa in a jet plane circa 1945
My grandpa was a jet airplane mechanic in WWII and then did the same for Raytheon after the war. He's the reason this plane got off the ground!
Grandparents circa 1943
Here are my grandparents at the beginning of the war. I just found out last night that they got married in Texas because grandpa was stationed there for awhile. I never knew that! Another reason for the journals (which I bought today). Anyway, aren't they adorable??

That is totally going on my blog!

I just saw a commercial for the new sitcom with Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie!) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow! With an eyepatch?) and it actually looks pretty funny, even though I tend to loathe sitcoms. In the commercial there's a quick scene with Doogie driving a car and he yells in response to something, "That is totally going on my blog!!"

Go ahead, lie to me. Tell me you've never heard those words go through your head. Multiple times a day. ;)

Update: I just found out Jason Segal from "Freaks and Geeks" is in this show, too. I have to watch it now.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Where has your family been? And what have they done?

I posed the journal idea to my grandma the other day, asking if she would consider writing down the things she remembers from her life, and anything she remembers about her parents and other family members who have already passed. She's incredibly modest, so, just like I predicted, she first responded by claiming she had no stories to tell, but we were able to convince her otherwise when she remembered there were a lot of things she regretted not asking her parents about. She asked me if I wrote anything down. I've tried keep journals, but, like this blog, it's mostly day to day stuff, which is not exactly something I can pass on. So my mom and I are going to pick up a bunch of journals, one each for my grandpa, grandma, mom, my sister (who's in Kosovo in the Army) and me.

My grandpa takes a variety of prescription drugs, and it seems that one of them is giving him alzhemiers-like memory loss (he went off it once and the symptoms went away...we were worried he really had alzhemiers for awhile). My grandma told us that the day after we had the video-night fiasco, he had completely forgotten about the entire evening. I have to wonder if whatever the drug is doing is worth the diminishment in his quality of life. My mom wonders the same thing, so she's been trying to get him to talk to the doctor more about it. Anyway, the point is that we think the journal-writing might actually be a good exercise for him. He loves to tell his stories, and apparently he still handwrites letters to his friends and family on the east coast (my family is from the Boston-area originally).

Today I hauled through all my grandma's photos. What an insane project. I filled our entire dining table and the card table we set up next to it. I've finally got them all organized by year. This evening, my mom scanned a bunch of the real old ones - my grandma as a baby, etc, and I started putting the originals in an album. My grandma came over for awhile and helped us identify some of the people/years, which turned into an "oh my god, look at this one! haha!" fest. Want a small taste?

Here's my grandma around age two:
Grandma in 1924
And this is my grandpa, with my oldest aunt:
Grandpa in 1948

Nice! It's really been a blast going through them all. Maybe I'll post some baby-heather photos next time. ;)

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