Saturday, October 08, 2005

Books, books, books.

I finally started reading again on a semi-regular basis, after recovering fully from full-time bar preparation. I recently finished Reading Lolita in Tehran, Life of Pi, and The Task of This Translator. I enjoyed all three, but the third one is the book I plan on recommending to everyone I meet. It's a collection of short stories that are wonderfully written.

Reading Lolita in Tehran I also enjoyed, to the dismay of nearly everyone I meet. I think people forgot that it says "Memoir in Books" on the front, and it's not just a novel about Iran. I thought her perspective was interesting and enlightening, and even though I didn't read many of the books she spoke of (a lot of Victorian crap I have no patience for), I still appreciate her parallels with the storylines she taught in class. It was an interesting look into the life of a woman in Iran that wasn't overly political, just a personal tale. The book as a whole is nothing earth-shattering, and I had trouble remember who was who because I couldn't remember the Persian names, but when I closed the back cover I thought, "I'm glad I read that."

I learned one thing from Life of Pi: Don't read a widely popular book in public. I couldn't crack that thing open at work or even on the sidewalks without someone stopping to tell me how great it was. I was waiting for a late friend at a Nationals game and some stranger literally came from 30ft away to say, "That is a great book, don't stop reading it, really." Seriously? Did I look like I was going to put it down? I would have finished it a week sooner if I hadn't been interrupted by so many people. And all that talk was really for nothing. It was a delightful tale and there was a point, but it was a pretty obvious point and nothing earth-shattering. I sort of felt like it's a book for people who don't read a lot of books. Or at least don't read a lot of books with subtle themes that can be picked apart for weeks. Still, I thought it was a great story. Just don't expect the answer to life at the end.

On another note: Will the rain ever end? It was dry as a bone all summer, and now that we're throwing a party the mid-Atlantic is flooding? Come on, I still have my backyard to finish. And the grill isn't getting gas from the tank. Yikes. It's going to be the best party ever!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Big One.

Woo. My job may blow harder than a hurricane wind, but damn if we don't know how to party. We've started "happy hours" once a week at work, which I put in quotes because although we start after work and take advantage of cheap beer specials, we spend a lot more than an hour doing our thing. Last night I got home at a little past midnight, so that's a "six and a half happy hours." I did three jaeger-bombs. wtf. Obviously they were not my idea, but there they were, in front of me, waiting to be drunk.

Good times.

Pennsylvania got their bar results today. I still have 42 days, which is going to really suck around the middle of November, because by then CA will be the only state not to come out with them. I just want to be able to tell future employers "yes, I'm licensed." Why? Because my current job sucks a big one. Big One.

I need to go eat.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Slow death.

Today I thought about closing down the blog. I know, wtf right? I'm just find it hard to update frequently and these once-every-two-weeks posts seem like kind of a tease. Then I thought "whoa, what am I talking about??" Even if I don't update a lot anymore, I still really enjoy the option to do so - I enjoy the process and the thought it takes to sit down and come up with something witty or interesting (though the longer I go without writing, the harder that becomes).

My temp job is a slow death. I wish I could talk about it, but it's better that I don't, for the sake of my continuing employment. But I'll say this: DRA-MA. And this: Inappropriate flirting. And: Narcs. And: Percocet-use. It's awesome. Some of the folks are really cool, so it's been nice to make some new friends, but I really need to find a real job.

We're having a house party in two weeks. BEER. I've spent a lot of time getting our backyard in order, and I forgot to take pictures the past week but I'll post some when I'm all finished. We're going to christen it with a BBQ for a few folks (we got a grill!) and a kegger later that night for the masses. And by masses, I mean a few other people we happen to know.

You know what has to happen before the party? We must - nay - WILL recieve our God. Damn. DC-issue. Trash. Barrel. Can you believe this shit? We've been on U Street over a month and still don't have trash service started. What exactly do they expect us to be doing with our crap? We've finally started calling our councilmen and I emailed the mayor's office today. Not that they care. I swear to god, if we have to wait one more day, I'm going to walk them over to the mayor's mansion and leave them on his front porch.

See, I need to update more often so I can spend more time telling stories in depth and not skimming over the surface by just listing everything I did the past two weeks. I saw Serenity last night, which I'd love to spend some time on, but for now I'll just say it rocked and you should all go see it. I also went to the DC peace protest last week, which also rocked, and you should all attend a capital march once in your lives. I also saw my mom, who visited in DC to go to the protest, and you should all visit your mother's more often. And what else? A crazy drunken man fell on me and a friend while we were at happy hour last week. During that same happy hour I learned what a rabbit vibrator is, and holy fuck, you should all buy one of those. We got TIVO, and if you love your life, you should stay far far away from those.

Okay. Last thing, they're having a costume contest at work on Halloween. Normally I'd be the last person in the world to participate in such a thing, but if one of you can recommend something awesome and not expensive, I might consider it. I'm off to catch up on your blogs.

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