Friday, December 02, 2005

I type like Andretti drives.

What an interesting day. Yesterday I called two temp agencies, each one referred to me by friends. Temp agencies like referrals, so both of them booked me for an interview today; of course, they were within a block of each other, but one wanted me in at 9:30am and the other at 3pm, so it was a long day in my suit. The first agency is both legal and administrative, so they had me take this pretty long computer skills test, where Word opens and the prompt says: "Please bold the selected text." Of course, you can't use any shortcut keys, so it actually took me awhile to find some of that stuff in the menus. Turns out I know my Microsoft Office pretty well, but the best part was the typing test. I haven't taken a speed test since I was in high school, and in the meantime I've become intimatly acquainted with AIM, which increasing my typing speed to unforseen levels. My result? 86 words per minute! Mach speed baby! The lady said that was phenomenal and they'll definitly be able to staff me out. Let's take just a minute to mourn those three years I wasted in law school, again.

Anyway, that agency was really cool and sounded like they were going to do their best to find me something. So I came home and had some lunch, then headed back out at 2:30 for my next interview. As I step off the metro in Farragut Square my voicemail rings - it's the first agency telling me they found an "excellent, excellent job" for me and I should call back right away. Crazy, right? This job starts Monday and goes until the end of the year. It's not awesome pay, but it's not terrible, and will certainly help me out. I told her I'd take it, but I really had to go because I was standing outside the building where my appointment was. She's still confirming it (it's a weird process, this temp staffing business), so she's supposed to be calling me back any minute.

As a side note, the alarm at the bank across the street has been going on and off all day. I'm pretty sure it's either broken or they're testing it, but either way, it's annoying.

So I get to my second interview and, well, it's funny, having gone to so many of these meetings, you really start to learn a lot about the place by this short meeting. Like this second place: corporate city. After I waited a few minutes, my interviewer rushed me in a room, dropped a folder in front of me with 10 sheets to fill out and told me to tell the receptionist when I was finished. Now, to be honest, I don't really mind, because I've heard the "this is how temping works" a zillion times, but she didn't know that. I would have been really confused had that been the first agency I registered with. Then she tells me there is a job opening in a few weeks if I file my papers to waive into the DC Bar. That's fine, but it costs about $700, so I really hadn't planned on doing it right away. Turns out, with the pay on this gig, I'd make it back in a couple days; however, I asked her how likely it would be that I'd get on this project, just so I wouldn't throw my money away. She says, after knowing me for all of two minutes, "well, you're cool so you'll definitly be at the top of the list, it's very likely you'll get on the project." Cue me: dumfounded stare. What? I'm "cool"? I mean, yes, I know I'm cool, but how does she know that? Now, because she knows the girl who referred me, I assume it's like "any friend of my friend is also my friend" thing, but it still struck me as wholly insincere. I kind of laughed it off after feeling like an idiot for staring. Anyway, the likelihood of me finding $700 in the next couple of weeks PLUS money for rent and bills is slim. I might have to hit up my benefactors.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

How awesome is this?

Calling all women.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Butterstick Cam!

Did anyone else know there is a live feed from Butterstick's cage?? As if he wasn't cute enough in the pictures!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Look what came in the mail today:
The chocolates are from my grandparents and the fruit is from my sister, both for my bar passage. Thankfully, everyone in my family hates those disgusting cordial cherry things, so whenever we give each other See's candies we send the "nuts and chews" selection, so it's full of tasty nut clusters. Whenever we get chocolates from non-family members, the box sits on the coffee table with a steak knife inside so we can dissect each one to prevent unintended chocolate/fruit mixes on our picky palates.

And check out that fruit, yo! It must be the "tropical" selection, with not one but two avocados (someone's making guacamole tonight!), a couple kiwis, and a gigantor pineapple, which I'll have to learn how to slice up.

On another note, I put up a new profile picture. My mom sent it to me, said it was taken by the Hubble. It's been called the "Eye of God" by admirers, and is also the subject of a oft-forwarded email claiming it appears every 3000 years and performs "miracles." Well, no. But it is real and called the Helix Nebula, and can be seen all the time (nebulas don't appear and disappear like comets or something). More can be found here. Isn't it pretty though? Let's pretend it's god's eye anyway. She's going to have to watch me two-time the rest of the cosmos for awhile.

(Don't forget to tell me where you are. We're a pretty coastal bunch so far.)

Monday, November 28, 2005

It's because I like capes...

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