Friday, December 23, 2005

Photo Friday: Anti-War Week

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Everyone needs a reputation

I like to think I make an impression on people where ever I go.

There are three other exec assistants who sit around me, one in my cube and two others on the other side of a low glass partition. We chat and take each other's phones when we run out for errands, et cetera. One of the assistants across the wall came over to talk to my cube-mate, while I had gone into my boss' office for a second.

I thought I heard her say my name, so I walked out and said, "Did you call me?"

Immediately, all three of them look up at me in surprise and start cracking up while I stand there and stare at them with raised eyebrows. The assistant was holding one of the magazines my cube-mate had brought in, and when she finally caught her breath she said to me, "I said, 'Who's this floozy?'" as she pointed to the magazine cover of Scarlette Johansson looking incredibly slutty, "That couldn't have been more perfect timing."

So now I'm the Office Floozy. And, like a good reputation should, it has spread far and wide and comes up just about every single day.

Sunny Sunshine on a Sun-filled Day

In about an hour I'm leaving for the airport, then off to sunny, sunny California, where Christmas Eve will be around 72 degrees. Ahhhh....

As you might have noticed recently, comments are now moderated. Feel free to continue to comment, just know that they won't appear until I get to Cali and check my email. Posting will be infrequent, as you might expect, but I'll do my best to continue Photo of the Day and let y'all know how my tan is doing.

Happy Whatever Holiday You Choose To Celebrate, and be sure to eat lots of food and get real fat so you can implement your year-long new year's resolution that might last until January fifth. Woo!

Also, awesome google-hit of the day: "rabbit vibrator wow god"
Welcome! Sounds like you had a good time!


What if it was a short chill?

In the WaPo crossword yesterday:

39 Across - A wintery sound. 8 letters.
Answer: "BRRRRRRR"

Methinks someone gave up in the middle of writing the puzzle.

Photo Thursday: Anti-War Week

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tastes like burning

Is it weird that the chocolates my boss left out for the assistants taste a little bit like gasoline? And every time he walks by and sees that most of them are still there he insists we eat more. Yes...perhaps a bit weird...

Conspiracy theories. Sigh...

Does anyone remember that internet 9/11 conspiracy video that was forwarded around about a year after it happened? Yeah, that one. Apparently, my cube-mate is obsessed with it. She's saved it on her computer for years and every so often busts it out again and watches it over and over for days. This seems to be one of those times. Maybe it's the holiday season that brings out the conspiracy theorist in her.

Listen, I'm not going to discuss the merits of that video, but I will say this: If I have to listen to it one more time I'm going to go effing postal.

Danger Mouse!

I got down to the platform at the U Street metro this morning and took a seat on a bench. Since the bench facing my train was full, I sat down facing the line going the opposite direction.

A train barrels into the station in front of me while I'm opening my newspaper. The doors open. I lift my paper up high so I can flip the sheets backward to reveal the crossword puzzle, and as I do this, I can see the very bottom of the train doors and a man's legs as he's disembarking. And a mouse.

A mouse.

Also disembarking the train. I guess this was his stop. My arms freeze as the tiny thing jumps the inch and a half to the platform and becomes wildly confused as the doors close and the train begins to whoosh away. The little guy sticks his head down towards the tracks, then thinks better of the sucide jump and starts running down the edge of the platform towards the escalators.

I'm not sure what I would have done if he had straight towards me, but I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

Photo Wednesday: Anti-War Week

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

War Against Humbuggery *

First, I'd just like to note that, until last Friday, I had no idea how often people googled "battling dinosaurs."

Second, I'm all for freedom of religion. Especially being agnostic, because there aren't an overwhelming number of places in the world you can get away with that without being burned at the stake. On the other hand, freedom of religion doesn't give you the "freedom" to force yours down my throat.

I've heard about this guy before, but yesterday was the first time I ever encountered him. I was on the blue line going west from L'Enfant. The train stopped at Metro Center and this particular man boarded with a book in his hand. A Bible, to be exact. The train doors shut, trapping us inside. Bible man clears his throat, says, "Hello people, excuse me..." and begins singing an effing hymnal at the top of his lungs.

It's bad enough that I have listen to terrible, tuneless Christmas carols in every store I go into, but at least there I understand that I can leave any time I want. They are private establishments and it's my choice whether or not I want to patronize them. But when I'm on public transportation? And let's get to the important part here: when it's seven-thirty in the morning??? Ugh, honestly. Go to church all you want, just keep me out of it.

* If you haven't been watching The Colbert Report, you're seriously missing out.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

My New Community, Volunteering, and some thoughts on Street Art

This might be a long, rambling post, but I've had some thoughts on my mind lately that I'd like to get down on paper the internet ether.

I have technically lived in DC for just over three years. What I mean is, I lived in an apartment with a district address, but I didn't really live here. My friends and I went to school, went to the library, and occasionally we'd go to a restaurant or bar in Georgetown, Dupont, or Adams Morgan. Except for the occasional popular concert at the 930 Club, we never went to local events, art shows, or even the many Capital attractions.

Now that I've graduated and have moved out of sterile Cleveland Park to the multicultural and historic U Street corridor, I've started to feel connected to the city in a way I never did while I was in school. My roommate and I subscribe to the Washington Post and - even as a long-time news hound and political buff - I've started skipping over the front page to get straight to the Metro section. I want to know why the family-run businesses - that make U Street what it is - are being forced out by increasingly escalating property taxes; I want to know why the eff DC is building some billion dollar stadium with my tax dollars (I don't even like baseball!); I even want to know about the double-standard double-parking situation outside the church on Vermont Ave ("Want to avoid parking fines? Join a church!"). I spend my work days finding blogs written by locals who can keep me updated on what's going on right outside my door.

I did a lot of volunteering while growing up in my hometown. I built houses for Habitat for Humanity, cleaned up the beaches, and ran canned food drives. All this was for a town that was largely wealthy, or at least the lack of urban-ness helped to conceal any problems lurking underneath. Now I walk through this city, my new hometown, seeing the homeless on every corner, hearing about long-time residents being pushed out of their homes, and dealing with increasing violent crime (not to mention living mere miles away from a corrupt Administration who could care less about anyone's problems, much less those they can see from their White House and Congressional office windows). I see all this and wonder how I could just sit back and not do anything?

The first step, at least, is to care what's happening. To pay attention. And let's be honest, that's hard for a lot of people. I easily ignored it all for three years. Now I have to do something. I've been talking to my good friend Chai about opportunities in the city, and she recommended doing pro-bono work at some legal clinics, so I've been persuing that. I'd realy love to get into tutoring, but the more I look into one-on-one volunteering, the more I realize that's going to have to wait until my job situation is more settled. I can't commit to teach a kid every Wednesday night and then end up getting a temp gig where I work 120 hours a week. There are other things out there though, one-time shots like volunteering for local food drives or fundraising races.

Aside from participating in community solutions, I think there is a lot to be said for seeking out and supporting local art. Chai and another good friend I made recently, Sylvie, have been totally on my page with this one. Chai and I are going to check out an open mic night tomorrow at Busboys and Poets, and will hit up the PostSecret exhibit after new year's. Sylvie let me drag her on an unsucessful attempt at checking out First Friday's, when all the art gallaries in Dupont are supposed to be open...except they weren't. But, we'll get some better information next time and try again. I'm just excited about seeing some real culture in this town - the photographers and painters and musicians who have something to say about this city and this time we live in.

I was going to talk about street art, but I think I'll leave that as a sequal to this post later on this week, since it's going to be long all by itself.

So I'll just say, I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but I think I'm going to set some goals for myself for the coming year. I'm going to focus on, well, getting my shit together. All this talk about art and volunteering are also about me trying to make myself a better person, which may be selfish, but I think it's a healthy kind of selfishness. Because, if I'm an active member of this community (with, um, a full-time, permanent job one of these days?), it can only be good for both my own well-being and the people around me. Right?

Photo Monday: Anti-War Week

Photo of the Day (12-19)
Anti-War March on the Mall, Washington, D.C. September 2005.

One of the things on my mother's "do before I die" lists was to participate in a protest in the nation's capital. We're both vehemently against this war and this administration, so when my mom heard of the Anti-War March last fall and happened to find cheap tickets out from LA, I told her she had to just do it. This week, each Photo of the Day will be from the protest.

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