Sunday, January 01, 2006

Clarification on the job thing.

I want to thank everyone for your nice and sympathetic comments and emails from my last post. I should probably clarify something though; this wasn't the total screw you that my last job was. The staffing agency certainly wasn't at fault here, and, in fact, I still think it was great of them to find me a job within three hours of my interview. I should also clarify that this wasn't like my last job in another way - where I was hired with a large group of people to do a specific project for a company. This was your typical temp job, where I was hired to fill one position to replace someone who had been promoted. I was only going to be there until they hired someone permanent (which, since it was an admin job, meant it was never going to be me that they hired). So, everyone involved, including me, knew it was only a matter of time. I was only irratated because I assumed they would have told me when they hired somebody, instead of all my bosses taking off that week and having the new guy idly put stuff on my desk all day without anyone telling me what he was doing. Ya know? I mean, they hired him awhile ago, apparently, so that's why I was kind of appalled.

Anyway, that's how things go, so I just have to move on and get another job.


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