Saturday, February 25, 2006

Keep your eye on:

A new DJ named Nina. She spun for her first time ever last night at the Black Cat and was spot-on. Nina is roommates with my good friend Slyvie - who hit the ground running last night off her plane from London. I think she ducked and rolled out of the plane's rear hatch as it touched down onto the tarmac at Dulles at 8pm last night, simultaenously changing into a sexy top and dialing her cell phone to tell me to get my ass down to 14th Street.

It was actually "Ladies DJ Night," which somehow that translates into "Lesbian Make-Out Party" for the DC populace, but we still had a pretty good time (I think our guy friends had a better time!). We heard about three dj's while we were there, but Nina out-shined the rest. Slyvie told me she dj's for some pirate radio station, but this was her first time in a club - I hope it's not the last!

Tonight is the Project 4 Gallery opening (903 U St), which I'll be attending, so come say hello!

Here are some photos from Wall Snatchers for your viewing enjoyment. The show has great hours, as far as galleries are concerned, so you have no excuse not to go see it.

Wall Snatchers
Wall Snatchers
Wall Snatchers
Wall Snatchers

Click on the photos to go to my Flickr page for more.

Update: God, I hate exclamation points. I don't know what got into me. I deeply apologize for their extreme overuse in this post.


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