Sunday, February 05, 2006

Moving on up. Sort of.

Good news! I received both my certificate of good standing from the Cal Supreme Court and my letter of "no she never cheated" from my law school this week. Who knew these people would be so on the ball? Now I've just got to get my certified checks ready and find a notary. Maybe now I can find one of those temp jobs that consider "DC pending" to be enough to make the big bucks, while I continue to toil around looking for a real job. I'll almost feel bad leaving my current job though, I know now how rare it is to get one of these gigs where your boss is actually a cool guy who looks out for your interests, but, that's life.

Happy Superbowl watching, if you're into that sort of thing.


At 1:22 PM, February 06, 2006, Blogger Kelly said...

Not to be a wet blanket, but so far no contract attorney work for me and I've been DC Bar-pending for like a whole week and a half now. Come on people! Get on the ball.

Congratulations! It feels great to have the process done.


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