Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"I thought Spanish was, like, the universal langauge of the world."

I'm tired, so in lieu of actual writing, I'm breaking out the bullet points:

  • I just spent the last six hours washing dishes. I was under the impression there was a little magic fairy who cleaned them everyday. Turns out the fairy wasn't magic, he was my roommate. (Zing!)

  • The Amazing Race premiere! Words cannot express how much I want to be on this show. I convinced Quinn to partner up with me awhile back, but they were calling for the family season at the time. That season turned out to be exactly the nightmare I predicted, with the exception of the horrifically hilarious and ironic moment where the family that was bonding after the recent car wreck death of their father then nearly watched their mother get run over by an amish buggy in one of the roadblocks. Oh man, I'm cringing and laughing again right now. This was the same family that prayed to Jesus that the light would turn green so their taxi could cut-off a competitor. It looks like we have another one of those pairings this season, but they're wont to last too long, what with the pants peeing and panties falling down and claiming the city smells like farts. Why? Because I don't know about Jesus, but Karma's a bitch. Just ask that family from last season. Anyway - Quinn - you get the video camera and I'll crack open the language books. Wind sprints scheduled for this weekend.

  • Went to see "Arty Gras" today at the Warehouse. Turns out my friend's sister was assisting the curator, so I ended up having a pretty good conversation with them both over email and at the show tonight. Funny story: The same creepy old Italian dude who hit on me over a month ago at a Georgetown gallery actually tried to do it again today, clearly not remembering it didn't work the first time.

  • Ask and ye shall receive. I promised a Project 4 gallery review here, but I ended up trading the graffiti show for it. It went up Tuesday, so you know where to find it.

  • I'm very much on the verge of overextending myself here. Tomorrow I have an orientation to do some legal clinic work. I'm happy when I'm busy, but after three years of inactivity, I need to do some stretching or I'm going to pull something.

  • Two of the best people I know are visiting from Boston this weekend. I. Can't. Wait!


    At 1:14 AM, March 01, 2006, Blogger Alexandra said...

    um, if you are talking about the creepy old guy who has hit on me and every single one of my female friends, then yeah, he's creepy. There should be some sort of alarm for creepy old guys.

    At 2:40 PM, March 01, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

    I think we all have one of those alarms, alexandra. It's the creepy dudes that need one. Like one of those "silent" whistles only dogs can hear. That's right, dogs.

    At 11:11 PM, March 01, 2006, Blogger adrian said...

    I thought italians had game , huh.

    At 12:39 AM, March 03, 2006, Blogger Roonie said...

    Stretch those tired muscles, Miss H. You've got a lot of good things comin', I can feel it!


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