Saturday, April 22, 2006

An amalgam of content for you.

Been slacking at the blogging lately, I know. I wanted to do a little art round up earlier this week, but I just never got around to it and now half the shows I wanted to talk about close in, oh, half an hour. And of course I like to think that y'all run off to the galleries right after reading my amateur hour take on them. I have to take off in a couple hours to make the trek to Tenleytown and my alma mater. The Katzen Arts Center is having a reception tonight for their MFA Thesis exhibition, and I've been wanting to see the inside of the building since they broke ground during my first year at the law school. I watched the building go up brick by brick riding the AU shuttle from the metro to WCL and back, so I'm excited to check it out. I'm not excited about the 45 minute metro ride but, eh, what we do for art.

In other news, work has been weird. I limit talk about my job because I don't really find it kosher for blog-content. (Sidenote: The jig is up! TTtC now shows up on the first search page when you google my name. Hello Future Employers!) Suffice it to say, the absence of my middleman means the upper echelon have started to notice me, in seemingly good ways. Will it lead to more? Stay tuned.

A few minutes ago I got a call from my college friend, and we've decided to hit up the reunion. A few of our good friends are going and we might be able to crash with a friend in Columbus, saving us some cash. It sounds like it will be more a weekend of shopping, eating, and drinking off-campus, rather than scheduled fun time with the administration. Now I've got to research some flights to good ol' Oh High Oh.

Don't worry, I wouldn't forget Garden News! My strawberry plants are covered in flowers! I love exclaimation points!! They seem to be growing nicely, so I'm not worried about them quite yet. I still have to come up with a contraption to keep the rat away, though. The tomatoes are also spouting finely. My snapdragons are in a bit of peril, however. Chase the Devil Dog broke one of them last week, so he's been relegated to peeing in the front yard only from now on. Surprisingly, the snapped dragon has been living prettily in a wine glass on my dinner table for over a week now...I really didn't think it would last that long. Also, the rain seems to be bending a number of the taller dragons over into the mud. This afternoon I made some makeshift stakes from a gigantor root I pulled out of the ground last week and tied the stalks to them. I can't get any work done in the wetness, so I hope the rain eases off this week.

One last thing. I finally got a good 2.5 hour block to sit down and watch the season finale of Battlestar Gallactica (yeah, the one that was on about three months ago). That is just the best effing show on television. Cover your ears if you're waiting for the dvd. Note 1: I think it's pretty ballsy of the writers to have only 9 months pass in BSG time over the past three seasons, then suddenly jump ahead an entire year in a single episode. Note 2: Starbuck is hot with long hair. Note 3: Chief is hot with a beard. (And a pregnant Cally? I love when domestic violence brings people together.) Note 4: October? Are you kidding me?


At 7:49 PM, April 22, 2006, Blogger elliott said...

you are not the only one behind on postings!

But don't underestimate your reviews. I agree with Lenny, we need more people talkig about art. Just because you don't get paid (yet), doesn't mean your opinion is not listened to. It is better than some of those that do get paid for it!

At 9:55 AM, April 23, 2006, Anonymous Quinn said...

Man, if you deleted that episode off your Tivo there's going to be hell to pay! Hell I say!!

At 2:40 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

elliott - thanks! i'll try to write about some of the shows sometime this week. and try to do it on a more regular basis in the future.

quinn - don't worry! i knew you were going to kill me when you found out i watched it already, but i had the time so i just went for it. i wouldn't mind watching it again though, so you'll just have to come over soon. and bring those steaks.


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