Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Garden Blogging

My house was filled to the brim with gays and lesbians when I got home, so I took my leave to the garden to make sure my babies were weathering the storm alright. I think I forgot to share this with you folks last weekend, but the strawberry season has arrived!

Ripening Strawberries

Strawberries from the Garden

That is a hideous picture, I apologize. They look (and taste!) much more delicious in real life. On the advice of a fellow farming neighbor, I put some sand down underneath the berries, and it seems to be working splendidly. I've only had one more berry rot so far, and I think that's just because I left it on the plant too long. So far I've been picking 3-5 berries a day. Don't know how long they'll continue to produce, but judging by the baby berries, it will be for awhile.

Also, check out these suckers:




I probably shouldn't have said 'sucker,' because that's actually a term for part of the tomato plant, which I had to learn in order to prune them properly. Unfortunately, those little black specks you can see in the middle photo are bugs. I'm going to have to give in and get some pesticide this weekend. Also, I'm getting weeds poking through the rocks on the "patio," so I guess I'll have to get some weed killer, too. Buying the death and destruction paraphernalia isn't nearly as fun.

With any luck, the sun will shine this weekend and I can make a good head start on the front yard. I'm going to Johnny Appleseed it, rather than shelling out the massive dough it would take to buy plant-lings for the entire yard. It might not work, so we'll either have a 24' x 8' plot of beautiful wildflowers, or a giant plot of dirt. I probably won't be taking pictures of it, since I think I've given you people enough information to stalk me as it is.

On a side note related to my last post, thanks to everyone who emailed and IM'd me to say I got the Midwestern experience spot-on. And hey, how totally awesome is it that I enraged someone so much that they stopped reading a completely different website because of it? Must have been a good'n.


At 8:57 PM, May 28, 2006, Blogger Roonie said...

Yay! It's all coming to fruition! I can't wait until your tomatoes are ripe. It's the best to be able to come home, take a tomato straight from the vine, and eat it up. Oh, I miss Ohio for that reason. We had some awesome tomato plants and my mom would always say to me, "So, no new tomatoes today?" and I would have to admit, "Yes, there were about three...but I ate them all already." Vine-ripened tomatoes from your own garden = PRICELESS!


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