Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Make Mine Meat

I had to laugh at this post and especially this cartoon (via Unfogged, which I read only on occasion because the copious inside jokes make my head swirl), partly because I had exactly the same thoughts when I saw those commercials, and partly because of this conversation I had with Kriston at dinner last Thursday at La Frontera Cantina.

Me: (trying to dip a bite of enchilada in the sour cream on my plate) God, I hate lettuce.
K: Why?
Me: It's getting in the way of the sour cream! Look at all the stuff I can't get at cause it's hiding in the roughage!
K: (starts laughing)
Me: What's so funny?
K: Well...most girls would have said that the other way around.

Guess I'm what they (ironically) call a "healthy" eater. Does that make me a Man's Man? (A Man's Woman?) I just like to eat. Sue me.


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