Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Aforementioned Sprouts

I took a couple close-ups of the front yard when I got home so you could see the little tadpoles coming up. I've come to a disturbing realization however - I seem to have misplaced my camera. My good camera, that is, my six hundred and fifty dollar camera I bought a year ago because I needed something better than a point-and-shoot but couldn't afford the SLR I really wanted. So, this is upsetting. I can't remember the last place I took it out with me, but I haven't scoured the entire house yet, so all hope is not yet lost, though it's teetering madly on the brink.

All that is to say, these pictures suck. I have too much dignity (really?) to crouch in my front yard, pressing my face up against the dirt in order to see what I was focusing on, lest my new neighbors start to call me That Crazy Girl Taking Pictures of The Dirt, so I just sorta knelt and stuck my lens down near the sprouts and took 10 photos, hoping a few of them would come out alright.





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