Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Land of Fruits and Nuts, and We Hear They're GOOD For You, Too!

I'm back from Cali and dead, totally dead tired. The thing is, I can't sleep 1) sitting up, or 2) in public, so that pretty much nixes any attempts at catching a few winks on a plane ride. Even a 4.75 hour plane ride in the middle of the night. I'm running on 15 minutes of light dozing and several large cups of coffee. Not that that's much different than any other day.

I have lots of SoCal stories for you, but I'd like to wait until I get my images uploaded. But as I exited Dulles today only to be suddenly bathed in my own sweat, I remembered two quick things to share.

There were two major local news stories in Southern California over the weekend. The first one ran several times (which I know because my mom doesn't have cable, so it's KCAL 9 News or one of the zillion variations of The People's Court (oh Judge Wapner, wherefore art thou?)). The gist of this in-depth news reporting? Fruits and vegetables - get this - are good for you. For real. Reporter Plain Jane visited supermarkets across the Southland in order to hold up a bright green pepper and say, "Studies are showing that some vegetables have certain vitamins/minerals/superpowers that will cure cancer/prolong life/save kittens from drowning." Ahh. Brain...leaking...out...ears.

The second story may only be funny to east coasters. While D.C. was drowning in floodwaters, the top weather story for the week in SoCal was, "Holy SHIT it's humid!" Granted, it is unusual when humidity hits the desert (you want me to say it, don't you? Dry heat IS BETTER than humidity, you crazy, crazy east coast freaks), but 1) I didn't feel a single particle of humidity in the six days I was there and 2) even if I had...what? It wasn't even hot! VTA stayed a pleasantly warm 70-ish. Maybe it was just those poor slobs in the Valley who got the brunt of this vicious, take-no-prisoners weather. I still can't believe it was anything like walking down K Street in June, that's for damn sure.

Even some crazy lady at the airport cornered me while I was putting my shoes back on after the X-ray machines and asked if we were all coming from Hawaii or something, because everyone in the area was "so tan!" (sidenote: I'm less tan and more 'lobster-pink') but "how could anyone have been out in this humidity!" Gag me. With a spoon.


At 3:49 AM, July 05, 2006, Blogger Roonie said...

It IS humid - for California. Hell, though, it's nothing compared to East Coast humidity. But it's not enjoyable - to me, anyways.

What a bunch of meaningless fragmentation.

At 1:32 AM, July 07, 2006, Anonymous Sylvie said...

I was just back and it was 85 degrees with a light cool breeze...perfect. My friends didn't want to step outside because the humidity was sufforcating them...I laughed in their faces.


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