Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Garden Cannot Be Contained By Mere Mortals

I'll take a break from offending my alarmingly growing number of readers with delicate sensibilities by refraining from using any "zoological disease references" or commenting on one small part of a vastly complex problem that could never be contained in one blog post - by updating y'all on my garden! Woot!

I've make some serious headway on the front yard, which is an insanely large project. I told my roommate that I'm going to have to quit my day job, because this gardening thing is becoming a full-time job in itself. I'm sure he won't mind paying my half of the rent, while I adequately compensate him by making our yards look pretty. I spent most of Memorial Day Weekend weeding the damn thing (it's 120 sq. ft., you know), and on Monday I seeded two-fifths of it. There's a 7-10 day germination period, and wouldn't ya know it, seven days later I can see tiny little green sprouts poking up all over the place! Unbelievable. On Sunday I finished another fifth and planted two cucumber plants in the front yard as well.

Just before Memorial Day, our next door neighbors unexpectedly up and moved out, with a new family moving in the very next day. They've been very friendly, which is a nice change from the "This Neighborhood Has Gotten So Much Better Since the Black People Moved Out" lecture I got from our old neighbors every other day. Our backyards are only separated by a wide-set picket fence, so we can easily see each other's yards, and the mother of the family has given me a series of very nice compliments, even telling me how happy she was to live next door to people who obviously cared about maintaining the house they lived in. Joe has graciously accepted these compliments for me, being our household representative to the outside world. Or, "nosy neighbor," as Christopher and I colloquially call him. Last Friday, Joe came in from the backyard with two baby cucumber plants, saying they were gifts from the neighbors! Since I'm out of room in the back, they went in the front yard. I just need to grow some lettuce spinach, and I've the makings of a nice summer salad.

In fact, one of my ingredients is just about ready to go:
Fat Green Tomatoes
Check out the plump on those things! I gave in and got some organic pesticide, because they were just crawling with tiny black bugs. I also gave them a little haircut:
No joke, this is after I pruned them. They've really gotten out of control. Remember when they were babies?
Gigantor tomato
I know. They grow up so fast. (Tear!)

I finally gave in on the mulch. I've vowed I wouldn't use it only because I think it's really ugly...but I have to admit I was wrong.
Doesn't it look much better? While you're at it, take a closer look at these monster begonias:
They were nearly impossible to weed (and with hope, the mulch will prevent me from having to do it again) because I had to lift up the plants just to get between them. Another flashback to the early years:
So tiny! I must have Micracle Gro Fairies who visit my yard at night.

I bought a couple more herbs last weekend as well: purple sage, cilantro, and two dills. Unfortunately, I carelessly left them in the scorching sun last weekend before I planted them, utterly decimating the cilantro and severely wounding the others. Luckily, an emergency planting session on Tuesday saved the sage and dills, but the cilantro was DOA. One of these days I'm going to have to learn how to cook so I can, you know, use these things.


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Btw - If anyone knows what the hell you use sage for, please share. I bought it cause it was pretty, heh.


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