Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Jellyfish Theory

So it turns out that I must be allergic to jellyfish. I've never been stung before, so I thought my smallpox-like reaction to it was normal. Now Quinn, who has a house by the bay and has been stung a thousand times over, tells me that I have - hands down - the worst reaction he's ever seen. What's awesome is that it actually looks worse than that photo now, because (as they get better, I think) they're turning redder. So...I kind of look like I caught the plague. On my feet. Hott.

Anyway, they don't hurt, they just itch like a mofo, but some aloe cream helps with that. This is all sort of making sense now, because I was actually really sick on Saturday night, which is kind of a rare occurrence for me, even when I do drink a lot (and boy, did we ever), but the wicked jellyfish assault (by the way, I also got mildly stung on my back), plus the mouthfuls of seawater I swallowed when I got involuntarily dunked over and over, probably explains that now. And seeing that I wasn't hungover the next morning, I'm going with the jellyfish/seawater theory.

Fortunately, that was the only downside of the weekend. Paul, Adrian, Sylvie and I arrived at our adorable little beach house, about 600 feet from the water, around 11am. We'd actually planned on going just for the day, but last Wednesday this guy called me with a last minute opening, so we jumped on it. After a quick run into town for beer and a beach towel (oops), we made it onto the sand just after noon. Only to discover:
These little fuckers were everywhere. That was disappointing, cause it was hot, but to safely get in the water, we had to wait until a swarm floated by, then one person kept a watch on the water while the rest of us quickly dunked ourselves and ran out.

We had an awesome little beach to ourselves. Occasionally people would wander though, but no one else set up camp while we were there.
Long Beach

Then we had margaritas and wine on the porch while watching a lightning storm, wrote lewd stories in the guest book, explored the creepy attic, and took a midnight jaunt down to the beach in the rain (see: jellyfish stings), and Sylvie and I both lost the only pair of shoes we brought on the trip. Good times.

Paul also provided some evening entertainment by reading passages from the book he bought for a dollar at the local thrift store, "Gods From Outer Space," written by a crazy man incarcerated in a German prison. I wish I could remember some choice passages, but maybe Paul will leave a comment with some good quotes.

The next day we decided not to brave the jellyfish, maniacal bloodthirsty horseflies, and mosquitoes, and opted to drive to Soloman's Island instead and explore the docks.

It was a gorgeous day, so we checked out the neighborhoods, the multi-million dollar waterfront homes, trespassed into a marine police station, and ate crabs up the effing wazoo. The rest of the beach photos can be found here.

And lastly, welcome to all my new readers. It's nice to see that TTtC's popularity has consistently stayed around triple what it was before I was Wonk'd, DCArt'd, and DCBlog'd all in the same week awhile back. However, anti-welcome to the trolls who come along with them, and for whom I've turned on comment moderation, which will stay on until I can come home and not find some absurd anti-Semitic comment I have to delete. I know moderation has been spotty in the past, so just email me if you left a comment that never showed up. Of course, I spend 20 hours a day in front of my computer, so typically they'll show up on the site pretty fast. Thanks for your patience.


At 4:08 PM, July 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's wonk'd?

At 7:30 PM, July 26, 2006, Anonymous Roonie said...

I didn't know about the Wonking. Are we talking Wonkette? Did I miss that?

At 7:34 PM, July 26, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

Yeah, I got linked to for that Tucker Carlson post I did a couple weeks back. My sitemeter totally exploded for a couple of days, but still has stayed pretty high as it tapered off, surprisingly.

At 9:25 AM, July 27, 2006, Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

Sounds like a memorable trip to the beach. Ouch! Hope the itching stops sooner rather than later.

At 11:33 AM, July 27, 2006, Blogger Chai said...

darn i missed that!!! lets do an outing soon...


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