Sunday, August 20, 2006

Everyone knows that episode

I had a lovely evening last night. It seems that anytime I take in a meal with my friend Steph, it ends with free champagne. Last time I went out with her, we went to some club that her ex-boyfriend manages, who brought us literally bottle after bottle of champagne to celebrate her birthday. That's not a bad way to spend a night out. This time, Steph, Sylvie and I went to Vidalia for a little Restaurant Week outing. Who knew, but Steph had made her presence known in this place, too, which we discovered when the manager came out to greet us with a plate of fromage and graced our desert course with - what? Some flutes of champagne.

I've never been to Vidalia before, but I've been out during Restaurant Week and am familiar with the all-too-often complaint of terrible service. You know, for all the plebs out to play bouge with the discount grub. My experience has always been fantastic food, that you had to wait hours over the course of the three course meal just to get someone to pay attention to you. At Vidalia, it was the exact opposite. I wasn't really wowed with the food. The fried green tomato starter was a bit tough and bland, and the catfish was good, but I've had better from my own kitchen.

However, the service was so great that we left the restaurant in high spirits saying, "Wow, that was wonderful meal!" In addition to all the attention from the manager, our waiter was a doll from start to finish. Hilariously, when he came over to check on us once and we were laughing our asses off, and Sylvie tried to explain, "They're telling me about some Flava Flav thing," he remarked, "Oh, the poo episode?" And then duly teased me when I ordered the Midnight Torte that happened to resemble two turds on a plate. Ah, classy dining.

Despite the somewhat average food, I can't say I wouldn't go there again. Actually, they have a fantastic happy hour I'd like to check out, with twenty wines under seven dollars and complementary apps. If their mac n' cheese is one of those, I'm so in.


At 9:53 AM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Gas Tronomic said...

D.C. food scene sucks. There's not one world class restaurant in the city. The top rated restaurants in the city are average (or below) fare in any other city.

At 1:41 PM, August 23, 2006, Blogger Living in Dupont said...

I think I'll have to check out the hh at Vidalia, I've been looking for new places and the wine seems perfect.

Thanks for the rec :)


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