Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Habits are hard to break

I actually came to my computer to get busy on the Arts Agenda, since I got home earlier than usually today and putting together the agenda usually takes most of my Wednesday night. Instead I write some ten-page thesis on my weekend in New York City like it was my first trip off the farm. Like I mentioned in the last post, I've been really busy (I'll explain why later), and haven't been able to blog since last Thursday.

Not a non sequitor: Except for a month in winter when I was working in Rosslyn, I've been walking to work since last September. That's four miles a day, except when it's raining more than a sprinkle and I'm forced to metro with the commuter rats. I've found now that if I don't go anywhere on the weekends, I'll make up a reason to get out and walk at least twenty minutes, or I get totally restless.

I'm becoming the same way with writing. Since I've been caught up at work I haven't had time to blog or write anything for DCist in days and I'm getting pent up! So I get ten minutes to spare, and gorge myself. Yeah, maybe eating is a better analogy. Anorexia is bad! Eat regular meals! Okay, I'm off to write an agenda.


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